Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Snow, Discussing Iraq Study Group Report, Lies To CNN Viewers

When will this White House stop lying -- er, spinning -- to the American people?

White House Press Secretary Tony Snow, speaking to CNN's Howard Kurtz on Dec. 10, lied through his teeth about what the Iraq Study Group report says.

KURTZ: They also said the policy is not working.

SNOW: No, what they said is that you need a new policy.

But in fact the report says, "Current U.S. policy is not working."

Of course, far more Americans will watch CNN -- or see a clip of the interview -- than will read the report. And that's what Snow is counting on, no doubt.


Anonymous goclark said...

So it's up to us to set CNN straight

2:27 PM  
Anonymous wtmusic said...

What would kick up Junior's ratings about 20%:
"The ISG has said our current policy is not working. And that troubles the President deeply. It's clearly time to change our approach in Iraq."

Well, that's one thing about which we don't need to worry.

2:28 PM  

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