Friday, December 22, 2006

Poll Finds Just 16 Percent Of Americans Believe Republican-Led Federal Government "Reflects Will Of The People"

A new Rasmussen Reports poll finds that just 16 percent of voters believe that the Republican-led federal government reflects the "will of the American people."

The percentage is about half of the number who believed -- in the pre-Bush era -- that government represented its interests.

It makes you wonder -- who are the 16 percent of Americans happy with their federal government? I'm guessing multi-millionaires, who have benefited from Bush's huge tax cuts. And corporate executives -- specifically defense contractors and those in the energy sector. They have had a good ride, too.

But for most Americans -- regardless of political affiliation -- there is not much positive to say after six years of Republican control of Washington.

Consider some of the issues in which large majorities differ with President Bush:

-- A majority of Americans (86 percent) say it is important to capture or kill Osama Bin Laden. The Bush Administration has repeatedly said that this is not a priority.

-- A majority of Americans (68 percent) are calling the situation in Iraq a "civil war." Bush refuses to do so.

-- A majority of Americans (69 percent) want to see troops withdrawn immediately, or a timetable to be established for such a withdrawal. Bush refuses to consider either option.

-- A majority of Americans (83 percent) support hiking the minimum wage. Bush would only support the measure if tied to a tax break for businesses or a deep cut in the estate tax.

-- A majority of Americans (68 percent) support federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. Bush vetoed a bill on the matter in July, in spite of bipartisan support.


Truth be told, it's hard to believe most conservatives are happy with the actions of the Bush Administraton.

A variety of scandals -- Jack Abramoff, Duke Cunningham, Bob Ney -- didn't sit well with party regulars. Fiscal conservatives can't be happy with the swollen federal debt. Social conservatives have failed to see any change in abortion rights during the Bush era. The Defense of Marriage Act has gotten nowhere. The Mark Foley scandal was embarrassing, as was the Republican-led House Ethics Committee's decision not to punish anyone, even after finding wrongdoing.

And the Bush Administration didn't win any fans on the religious right by appointing an openly gay man, Mark Dybul, as its Global AIDS Coordinator. Worse for them, First Lady Laura Bush was photographed as "smiling" during the swearing-in ceremony. Even worse, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice referred to the mother of Dybul's partner as Dybul's "mother-in-law."


If you've read this blog, or dozens others like it, none of the above should be new. It's been a frustrating six years. We've known for years that President Bush and Congressional Republicans failed to represent our values. Now we know that they have failed their own party, too.


Anonymous rodeodance said...

The US is a sad and dangerous state!!

11:53 PM  
Anonymous hatrack said...

And a Rasmussen poll, no less
Jaw-dropping. As you state above, who ARE these people?

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Generic Brad said...

16% is better than the usual 33%

At least over half of the deluded have woken up.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's the good news

and that may carry over to the 2008 elections. Watch Republicans up for re-election continue to distance themselves from Bush's policy initiatives.

11:53 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

Also many on the right are not happy about Mary Cheney having a baby out of a heterosexual marriage!!

1:30 AM  

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