Thursday, December 07, 2006

Feingold: Iraq Study Group Report Fails Because It Views U.S. Foreign Policy Through "Prism Of Iraq"

Sen. Russ Feingold, on MSNBC's Countdown last night, said that the Iraq Study Group report fails because it views U.S. foreign policy solely through "the prism of Iraq."

"The problem is, the bottomline here is, what are we going to do so we can allocate our resources around the world, to the battle against terrorism? This report keeps us in Iraq. This report keeps our resources there," Feingold told host Keith Olbermann. "And we are losing ground to the Taliban in Afghanistan, which I remember is where the attacks came from on 9/11. So this thing fundamentally continues the ultimate mistake in Washington, of looking at the world through the prism of Iraq, instead of looking at the threat from Al Qaeda as a global problem."

Feingold said part of the problem was the commission's construction. "This commission was composed apparently entirely of people who did not have the judgment to oppose this Iraq war in the first place. And did not have the judgment to realize that it was not a wise move in the fight against terrorism," he said.

Additionally, "I looked at the list of who testified before them. There's virtually no one who opposed the war in the first place, virtually no one who's been really calling for a different strategy that goes for a global approach in the war on terrorism."

As a result, Feingold said, the report "does not do the job of extricating us from Iraq in a way that we can deal with the issues in Southeast Asia, in Afghanistan and in Somalia, which are every bit as important as what is happening in Iraq."


It's a viewpoint that didn't get much immediate exposure from the mainstream media.

Hopefully, that will change, because Feingold makes a lot of sense.


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