Monday, November 13, 2006

Rove Continues To Tout "The Math" To Rationalize GOP Losses

"You are entitled to your math, and I'm entitled to the math," Karl Rove told a National Public Radio interviewer last month.

And he's sticking to that spin.

According to Rove's math: 10 of the 28 House seats Republicans lost were sacrificed because of various scandals. Six more were lost because members did not recognize and react quickly enough to the threat, he said. That leaves 12 other seats lost, fewer than the 15 Democrats needed to capture the House.

Furthermore, Rove says 23 races were decided by 2 percentage points or fewer, and a shift of 77,611 votes would have kept the House in Republican hands.

But can't people make that sort of rationalization whenever the numbers don't work their way? I'm a big Boston Red Sox fan. This year, the Sox finished nine games behind in the chase for an American League playoff spot. Certainly, there were at least nine games when a key error, a missed opportunity on offense, or a poor effort by a pitcher cost the Red Sox a win. If every missed opportunity had gone the Red Sox' way, the Sox would have made the playoffs, and possibly the World Series.

But those opportunities didn't go their way. And other opportunities that could have gone against them did not.

So yes, if there had been no Mark Foley scandal, no Bob Ney scandal, no Duke Cunningham scandal, no Don Sherwood scandal, no Curt Weldon scandal, no Tom DeLay scandal, no George Allen scandal, etc., and if Jack Abramoff hadn't had ties to other Republicans, such as Conrad Burns, and if there hadn't been people like FEMA Director Mike Brown or White House Advisor Claude Allen or Special Assistant David Kuo, then maybe the Republicans would have held onto the House or the Senate, or both.

But if the Bush Administration didn't frequiently make misstatements of fact on the Iraq War and a host of other issues, or if it had cooperated with those it disagreed with, learned from its mistakes, occasionally reached out across the political divide, not wasted billions on earmarks, avoided demonizing those that disagreed with policy, etc., then maybe Bush would have more than 35 percent of the country supporting him, and Americans would actually want Republicans to remain in control of Congress.


Furthermore, some Republican pundits aren't buying Rove's spin.

Richard Viguerie said that Tuesday's election was "clearly a loss for George Bush, Karl Rove." And Andrew Sullivan said the election "shows (Rove) not to be a genius, but to be a real failure as a political strategist."

Even Bush seemed to be jabbing Rove. At a news conference Wednesday, Bush was asked about his ongoing book-reading contest with Rove. "I'm losing," Bush said tartly. "I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was."


Anonymous C_U_L8R said...

Yes it's the math

it's called subtraction

11:21 AM  
Anonymous bryant69 said...

That's just a math, that's not "The Math"

"The Math" is Quantum Electorial Division or QED. Once you run the number through that you find out that the Republicans really won this last election, and also Democracy has broken out all over Iraq. QED is a little like being high, actually.


11:21 AM  
Anonymous lionesspriyanka said...

funniest thing i have seen all day..
good one!!!

11:22 AM  
Anonymous gratuitous said...

Here's some math for ya, Karl
51-49; 229-196.

Choke on those numbers, baby.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous marmar said...

He should do the honorable thing, like a Samurai warrior...

Time to fall on your sword.

11:22 AM  
Anonymous KharmaTrain said...

It's Time The FEC Investigated "The Math"...

Wasn't this math predicated on Rovo-calls? Voter intimidation and suppression? Hiring the homeless to pass out purposely misleading "sample balots" in Baltimore? Urging a radio station in California to include a GOOP candidate's commercial over their Emergency Broadcast system feed that went to (and probably over) dozens of stations in a 17 county area? Or was this math just the same "math" that led to resounding defeats across the country last week. Curious minds would like to know. there still a Federal Elections Commission or was that outsourced to Halliburton, too?

11:22 AM  
Anonymous havocmom said...

Items he failed to include in his equations:

# of days Congress actually in session

$ actually spent on pointless, straw-men issues and bills allowing government intrusion on private lives of adult Americans

# of lives ruined and $ poured into corporate coffers by way of the sham 'war on terra' and the invasion, occupation of Iraq

# of times Congress voted in the middle of the night, literally using darkness to hide what they were doing

# of times Congress rubber stamped the destruction of the Constitution for the benefit of an imperial executive branch who constantly mistakes America for their little group

$ taken from corporate lobbyists to do their bidding and fuck the American citizens

# of emotionally charged but really pointless issues focused on for months/years with REAL problem ignored and American infrastructure rotted

Yeah, the math had a few problems Karl. And more Americans can count than you gave us credit for.

11:23 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

As the so-called architect of the Republican party and the Bush Administration, Rove exemplifies why the Republican/Bush structure he designed has crumbled to the ground.

Rove is unable to admit it when he makes a mistake. He encouraged Bush, Cheney, dunderhead Dumbsfeld, Rice, etc. also to never acknowledge defeat.
To the thinking masses, this deranged psychosis represents an inability to take the initial step of acknowledging a mistake that is necessary to move on and make improvements.

The Republicans and too often the MSM encouraged and condoned this behavior through offering apologies and excuses rather than criticism. All America has suffered.

Hence we have the sad, pitiful tale of Republican defeat in this last election and the least credible, most failed presidential administration in history.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

havocmom said...
Items he failed to include in his equations:

Great post!

There are so many other ressons but not enough space or time to list them all!

100. The enormous public debt.
101. The hypocracy - they spout having high moral values, Christian values and love of the constitution but disregard all!
102. They think repukes are the only real patriots, but their enlistment rate is terribly low or non-existent.
103. They resort to name calling and "sound bites" for their Idea of debate!
104. They use emotional issues like abortion, Gays and Gay marriage to keep the hard conservative right from looking at any issue that affects their real economic or social issues, but never do anything to change the policies. Just think, if abortion, gay marriage, or gays were made illegal, then the repukes would then have to tell the conservative right how they are going to help them socially and economically.
105. They constanly use "fearmongering" to keep the majority of voters from thinking about the real issues that affect them.
106. Repukes think the majority of voters are blind and deaf sheep!Unfortunately, there are too many voters that follows blindly without looking at the real issues. I liked the AARP ad that said "Don't vote" until you read and learn about all of the issues!
107 - infinity Some that others think about.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

the storyline here is that everyone looks brilliant when things work out. that doesn't mean they are brilliant.

rove got lucky in 2000, with a partisan secretary of state and a favorable ruling from the U.S. supreme court, over-ruling state law. that state law was identical, btw, to the one in virginia, where if the race had been closer, the allen team would have gladly accepted a recount. it's the same rule they have in texas, too.

if bush loses in 2000, we don't even remember karl rove's name today.

rove was able to scare us in 2000, and his friend robert perry, who capsized the mccain campaign in south carolina in 2000, helped swift boat john kerry in 2004. that's not the only reason mccain and kerry lost, but it helped. the news of the day, the storylines, worked in rove's favor, and his man won.

essentially, bush won by a single state in 2000 (florida) and a single state (ohio) in 2004. officially, we've been told the 2004 win gave bush a 'mandate.' Hah.

what the 2006 results show is that the news, the storylines of the day, can overpower theory. no matter what tricks rove had up his sleeve -- fliers in ohio or automatic calls in NJ, for example -- couldn't overcome those storylines, and the broad number of Americans who believed those storylines.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

whoop4467 said...
havocmom said...
Items he failed to include in his equations:

There are so many other ressons but not enough space or time to list them all!

107. Change to : Repukes profess they are saints while they say anyone that disagrees with them are devils. They try to "demonize" everyone not a hard line repuke!
108. They play the game, "They are ok, but everone else is not ok". #107 is the extreme of this.
109 to infinity - ideas that others may have!

12:22 AM  
Anonymous trinity said...

rob of wilmington, del. said...
"rove got lucky in 2000, with a partisan secretary of state and a favorable ruling from the U.S. supreme court, over-ruling state law."

Not that it seems anyone cares about the facts here, but just for the record, yet again, I will remind everyone that it was the Florida Supreme Court (at Gore's request) that was messing with Florida's state election laws and deadlines for recounts, etc.

12:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fat-head Rove got his numbers from counting his toes.
"This little piggy went to the polls. This little piggy stayed home..."

2:39 PM  

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