Thursday, November 16, 2006

Military Recruiters Caught On Tape Lying To Potential Enlistees

How hard is it for the military to recruit during wartime?

Apparently, hard enough that recruiters have to lie about the odds of a recruit winding up in Iraq, or about the ease with which someone can leave the military.

An undercover investigation by ABC News revealed some Army recruiters in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut told students that if they enlisted, their chances of going to Iraq would be small.

In an exchange videotaped by a hidden camera, a student asked a recruiter, "Nobody is going over to Iraq anymore?" The reply: "No, we're bringing people back."

One recruiter told a student that just quitting the Army was an option if military service didn't suit the new recruit."It's called a `Failure to Adapt' discharge," the recruiter said. "It'll just be like it never happened."

Col. Robert Manning, in charge of Army recruiting for the Northeast, said both statements were lies.

"We are a nation and Army at war still," Manning said after seeing the ABC News tapes. "It's hard to believe some of the things [recruiters] are telling prospective applicants."

Manning said he hopes the actions caught on tape are the exception, not the norm.


Anonymous Kerrytravelers said...

Imagine that.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Lowell said...

Recruiters have always been liars

Any vet can tell you that. I remember the lies and spin they put on enlistment back in the 1960s. How else do you think they could meet their quotas? They are rated by their ability to recruit. If they told the truth no body would volunteer. I'm just glad they don't get prospective recruits drunk, hit them in the head and Shanghai them like they did years ago.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous ThomCat said...

Very true.

They get judged on results, not methods, so they have every incentive to lie.

It is very fortunate that there are at least minimal restrictions on what they can do. Otherwise I'm sure they would be hosting ladies night at local clubs and signing up the guys at closing time.

3:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this was shown in farenheit 9/11 but the right spun that michael moore was an anti-american propagandist, so of course what we saw on video must not be true.

3:14 PM  
Blogger LadyLiberty said...

Michael Moore's reporting on this is very accurate and IS the 'norm.'
I know personally of '2' such cases, one being a personal friend of mine. When her son was recruited he was told there would be NO CHANCE that he would be going to Iraq. They told him he'd be stationed at the US/Mexico border.
He was just informed he will be among those being sent, recently ordered by 'our sorry excuse for a leader' Iraq.
My friend/his mother, tried to warn him and of course like most young boys, naive and impressionable...believed the recruitors, and is now scared to death.
Why is this being allowed to continue?

2:52 PM  

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