Monday, October 23, 2006

DeWine Pulls Ad That Made False Claim, But RNC Will Continue Running Its Version

Sen. Mike DeWine (R-OH) has pulled an advertisement that his campaign agrees made a false claim about his Democratic opponent, Rep. Sherrod Brown. Sadly, an ad from the Republican National Committee making a similar false claim is still running.

In the DeWine ad, an elderly woman tells Brown "I just don't trust you" because "you didn't pay your outstanding tax bill for 12 years."

But within hours, state officials confirmed that Brown's congressional campaign settled a delinquent $1,800 unemployment tax bill in 1994, four months after it was filed.

The RNC ad accused Brown of not paying unemployment taxes for 13 years (because, if you're going to lie, then lie.) Sadly, RNC spokesman Aaron McLear issued a statement saying that the RNC would continue to air its ad.

So in Ohio, the RNC will continue to run an ad it knows is false, seemingly against the wishes of their candidate. And in nearby Tennessee, the RNC is running an ad against Democrat Harold Ford Jr. that was described as "tacky" and "over the top" by Republican Senate Candidate Bob Corker's campaign, which is asking that the ad be dropped.

The RNC is desperate for votes, and scared that the Democrats are going to regain control of the Senate. And that combination, sadly, means it will air false or misleading ads.


Anonymous ellenfl said...

is it actionable libel?

1:55 PM  
Anonymous mod mom said...

Unfortunately it's business as usual for the party that stole 2 elections.

1:55 PM  
Anonymous supersedeas said...

mealy mouth Mehlman has to go dirty to win

1:55 PM  
Anonymous BOSSHOG said...

I wonder if this is deliberate? Corker and DeWine doing the same thing. I wouldn't waste spit on a republican but they are demonic. Is the latest ploy to run party ads which are down right rotten so their candidates can run against the party? Can distance themselves from the party, therefore look honest? Jeez, they are diabolical. rove would pimp his son to save the house and the senate.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous Bluzmann57 said...

Apparently they are doing this all over the USA

Here in Iowa's First District, there is a very close race for an open seat and the rncc has been running an ad tieing the Democratic candidate in with the communist party. The repub has come out and said he doeasn't agree with the tone of the ad, but refuses to renounce it or ask the rncc to pull it. So they are indeed sneaky bastards who should be stopped.

4:00 PM  
Anonymous gratuitous said...

How very odd

I recall ads run against Republicans that drew controversial conclusions from a fact set. And because the conclusions weren't 100% guaranteed, the GOP squawked that they were false, and lawyers sent off letters to local stations that warned that they could be subject to a libel suit if they didn't stop running the ads (or if they ran the prospective ads in the first place). Station after station and newspaper after newspaper knuckled under to the threats.

But demonstrably false ads by the RNC run merrily on, and the stations and newspapers say they can't be responsible to track down every little factoid in the smear job. After all, can you really, truly prove that when he's alone Democratic Candidate X doesn't eat puppies?

5:02 PM  

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