Monday, October 30, 2006

Connecticut Republican, After Lying About Opponent, Trails In New Poll

Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) may be learning that lying doesn't pay.

Johnson, who six weeks ago led Democrat Chris Murphy by 14 points, now trails Murphy by four points, according to a new Hartford Courant-University of Connecticut poll.

As JABBS noted last month, Johnson used a lie in a television advertisement to try to portray Murphy as weak on national security issues. The ad includes a purposeful misrepresentation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act to make its argument. Murphy, like most Americans, supports the idea that the president should follow the act's provisions when fighting the "war on terror."

Maybe that kind of lying contributed to a turnaround among so-called Independent voters, who in the Courant-UConn poll say they favor Murphy, 45 percent to 36 percent. Independents make up nearly half of the voters in the district.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is it you donks arent doing anymore blogging about macaca? How is that Virginia race going anyway? No blogging about incest and child rape?

No blogging about Micahel Steele supporting stem cell research. The same Michael Steele that has a sister who is a doctor and has M.S.
The same Michael Steele who has been called an Uncle Tom and oreo cookie by you racists. The same Michael Steele who Michael J. Fox lied about.

7:48 AM  
Anonymous Dave G. said...

I don't care how much you like doing this, anonymous, but swinging a sledgehammer into your own head is just not a good idea.

9:01 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

Anonymous, Steele does not support federal funding for stem cell research, and spews the Republican myth that pharmaceutical companies have not picked up the ball to question the value of the research.
So to say he both supports stem cell research but does not support federal funding for it while disparaging the science is a weak position, indeed.
As for Webb, he was sixteen points behind Allen in the polls as of late July, but now RealClearPolitics averages Allen only 1.6% points ahead of Webb, and characterizes the race as a toss-up.
If Sen. Macaca is the Repukes best hope of retaining control of the Senate, outside of Dems ahead in so many other Senate races, they are hanging off a cliff by a thin thread, indeed.
Of course, your only real point is to change an indefensible topic of more Republican lies leading to disaster for yet another Republican candidate, this time in Connecticut.
This "donkey" says to you anonymous, "Hee Haw, Hee Haw, Hee Hawwww!."

9:21 AM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

JABBS wrote about Allen last week. The race is very close, but the numbers haven't changed much in the past few weeks.

In other words, the new polls are probably not worth writing about on a blog like this.

10:40 AM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

Just to back up my earlier statement, the Virginia race remains very close, according to recent polls:

RCP Average 10/17 to 10/24 - 47.5% 46.0% Allen +1.5%
Rasmussen 10/24 - 10/24 500 LV 50% 48% Allen +2%
SurveyUSA 10/22 - 10/24 613 LV 49% 46% Allen +3%
LA Times/Bloomberg 10/20 - 10/23 385 LV 44% 47% Webb +3%
Mason-Dixon 10/17 - 10/19 625 LV 47% 43% Allen +4%

2:54 PM  
Anonymous Dave G. said...

The 5-poll average puts it at 46.6% Allen, 46.2% Webb right now.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

really, the difference is Allen was up by 3 or 4 a month ago, and now by 1 or 2, depending on the poll.

they're all either within the margin of error, or just barely outside of it.

anonymous (who dares not speak his/her name) keeps yammering about "why not macaca, why not macaca," because he/she thinks that macaca is running away with things. that's probably what he/she is hearing on rush and sean, what with the allen-placed, drudge-enhanced stories about what webb wrote in his 20-year-old book -- a book that conservatives praised at the time.

but in spite of drudge/hannity/limbaugh's best efforts, the race has actually stayed put or gotten marginally closer over the past month.

3:52 PM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

We can thank anonymous for bringing up the Macaca race in Virginia.
Rasmussen just released a new poll today, Oct. 30, showing Webb ahead of Allen by five points

Hee haw! Hee haw! Hee haw!!!

9:19 PM  

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