Sunday, October 01, 2006

Allen's Woes Lead To Windfall Of Contributions For Webb

The ongoing saga surrounding Sen. George Allen (R-VA) has led to a huge amount of campaign contributions to his Democratic opponent, Jim Webb.

According to a Sept. 30 report in the Washington Post, Webb will report having raised more than $3 million during the past three months. After winning the Democratic primary in July, Webb was left with almost no money, while Allen had a war chest with almost $7 million.

One poll suggests the race is a dead heat: The latest MSNBC/McClatchy poll conducted by Mason-Dixon. Each candidate received the support of 43 percent of likely voters in Virginia.

However, poll numbers have varied wildly since mid-August, when Allen used the word "macaca" to describe a man of Indian descent who was tracking his campaign for Webb. Subsequent allegations that Allen used the "N-Word" as a student at the University of Virginia have also led to sudden changes in the candidates' standings.

Many conservative pundits want to give Allen a free pass. It remains to be seen whether Virginians agree.


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