Friday, September 22, 2006

Texas Governor, Running For Re-Election, Uses Misleading Figures To Tout His Spending On Education

Maybe Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) needs a math tutor.

Perry, running for re-election this November, has a new advertisement touting: “Since I became governor, education funding has increased $9 billion.”

But that's a misleading claim -- because Perry isn't responsible for the entire amount, and the $9 billion figure includes money not going to schools or students.

As Houston television reporter Lee McGuire breaks down, the $9 billion figure:

McGUIRE: (T)he state’s own budget figures show $3.9 billion is federal money out of the state’s control. Another $2.1 billion is actually being used to cut local property taxes and fix a system ruled unconstitutional by the courts. So that money is really going to homeowners in the form of tax cuts. Schools didn’t get any new money in the process. That means the state has actually committed $3.3 billion new dollars for schools under Governor Perry -- not $9 billion like Perry’s campaign ad claims.

It probably doesn't matter. Perry has a double-digit lead in a four-person race for Governor -- even though Perry is only being supported by one of three potential voters.

Of course, it's possible that if Perry were to be more honest with voters, his poll numbers would improve.


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