Saturday, September 02, 2006

Retiring Colorado Representative Won't Back "Sleazy" Potential Successor

Congressman Joel Hefley (R-CO) is saying he still plans to retire after his term expires this November, even though he does not condone the campaign style of his potential Republican successor.

Hefley, a 10-term Congressman, said he is not happy with the actions of GOP nominee Doug Lamborn, a state senator.

"I feel that he ran the most sleazy, dishonest campaign I’ve seen in a long, long time, and I can not support it,” Hefley told the Colorado Springs Gazette.

Other Colorado Republicans, upset with Lamborn, had suggested Hefley run as a write-in candidate. Hefley said it would be difficult to endorse Democrat Jay Fawcett, although such a move apparently hasn't been ruled out.

"I doubt he would throw over the Republican Party and endorse Fawcett at this point — a straight-out endorsement." Hefley spokeswoman Jenny Walberg told the Associated Press. "But you never know."

Hefley had originally endorsed his former aide, Jeff Crank, a runner-up to Lamborn. The schism occurred when Lamborn and third-party groups, like the Colorado Christian Coalition, tried to portray Crank as someone who supported tax hikes and "radical homosexual causes."


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