Wednesday, September 13, 2006

David Gregory Vs. Tony Snow, Part 1

Being in the White House press corps can be a no-win situation.

Take NBC's David Gregory, among the highest-profile members of the corps. There are vast numbers of conservative blogs that call Gregory a liberal bully. Liberal blogs point to times Gregory uses Republican-friendly phrasing, or when -- while guest hosting NBC's Meet The Press or MSNBC's Hardball -- he allows a Republican guest to get away with spin.

But at yesterday's press briefing with Tony Snow, Gregory was a bulldog. Call the results informative, or possibly entertaining, but the truth is, Gregory did his job.

The topic was the White House's opinion on a piece of spin Republicans have offered a lot this campaign season -- that Democrats are "more interested in protecting terrorists" than protecting Americans. The latest to offer this ridiculous lie was House Majority Leader John Boehner (R-OH), who said it yesterday.

Take a gander at this exchange (edited to remove comments extraneous to this theme):

GREGORY: Now, when a Republican leader of Congress says, "I wonder if Democrats are more interested in protecting terrorists than they are in protecting the American people," as a spokesman for the President, do you think that it's your duty to say that that's out of bounds or not?

SNOW: Frankly, again, this is one of these things -- I haven't even seen the Boehner statement. ...

(Of course, Snow knew enough to call it "the Boehner statement," suggesting he was familiar with what was said.)

GREGORY: ... I mean, do you want to let a statement like this stand from a Republican leader of Congress?

SNOW: Like I said, you're presenting me with a statement I haven't seen. I'll tell you what, I'll get back to you on it.

GREGORY: It's been out there for a couple of hours. I think you had ample time to see it.

SNOW: Well, actually, no. ...

GREGORY: Do Democrats want to protect terrorists more than the American people? What do you think?

SNOW: Again, I know you think that in the last hour -- I had an hour to prepare, because we had long meetings ...

GREGORY: I'm asking you that question -- forget about what John Boehner said, I'm putting the proposition to you. Do you have an opinion on that topic?

SNOW: Do I think -- no, I think ...

GREGORY: ... that Democrats are more interested in protecting terrorists than the American people?



Anonymous Sancho said...

NBC reported this exchange and was clear that Snow and Boehner were full of crap. Snow looked pretty unwilling to debate or side with Boehner, and he knew it was a dumb position.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous underpants said...

Would you be shocked to find out that Rush lead with this today and to him it was a bold decisive and accurate move by Boner???

Well he did and it was, to him.

This is tailormade for the RW noise machine.

3:01 PM  
Anonymous Riddler said...

The only thing that shocks me about Lush Limbaugh is that anyone with enough sense to get in out of the rain would waste any of their precious time on earth listening to the disgusting sleaze-bag POS.

5:20 PM  

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