Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Connecticut Republican Lies To Claim Democratic Opponent Is "Wrong On Security"

A new televison advertisement from Rep. Nancy Johnson (R-CT) uses a lie to portray her Democrat opponent, Chris Murphy, as weak on national security issues.

Here's the script for the advertisement:

NARRATOR: A call is placed from New York to a known terrorist in Pakistan. A terrorist plot may be unfolding. Should the government intercept that call or wait until the paperwork is filed? Nancy Johnson says: ‘Act immediately. Lives may be at stake.’ Liberal Chris Murphy says: ‘No. Apply for a court warrant even if valuable time is lost.’ Chris Murphy — wrong on security, wrong for America.

But in truth Murphy, like most Democrats, supports the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which required a court-approved warrant for wiretapping. In the case of national emergencies, the FISA court permits the government to get a search warrant 72 hours after surveillance is conducted. (In the link, see Section F, Item 2.)

In other words, Johnson is repeating the same spin conservatives have been floating for the past few months.

It sounds pleasing to the ear. The Democrat doesn't care, "even if valuable time is lost." But the argument for speed doesn't make much sense when the law allows warrants to be issued after the surveillance operations have taken place.

But when you are trying to win an election, as Johnson is, why make an argument based on truth?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The truth of the matter is that it is redundant to get a warrant after surveillance is conducted and information is produced. But true to lib form lets tie up the courts with redundancy and stupidity.

8:30 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

the reason for the NSA warrants is to protect innocent U.S. citizens from illegal searches and seizures, and to safeguard our privacy, from undue government intervention, as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution.
The Supreme Court has already found Bush's spying program unconstitutional and in violation of the NSA law.
Let's say we throw out a proper system of checks and balances on government spying, which is reasonably and practicality provided under the NSA rules even for spying on alleged terrorists. Who is to say whether the present Bush administration, or all future administrations, whether Democratic or Republican, might not abuse government spying for political or other nefarious purposes, read Nixon.
Conservatives such as anonymous above would just assume hand over their freedoms to live in a Nazi or Communist police state.

10:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous, it's the law.

you don't like it, then change the law. but you can't break laws that are inconvenient to you.

10:44 AM  
Anonymous truckin said...

Here is my LTTE emailed to the Danbury News-Times last Friday. It has not yet been published.

Johnson’s Ad is Blatantly Misleading

In a recent Nancy Johnson campaign ad, that was noted in The News-Times on 9/13/06, an announcer states the following false choices:

“A call is placed from New York to a known terrorist in Pakistan. A terrorist plot may be unfolding. Should the government intercept that call or wait until the paperwork is filed?”

The reality is that the call can be intercepted immediately and “paperwork” can be filed with the FISA court for up to 72 hours after the surveillance takes place. This enables the government to protect us by acting when they need to while allowing the FISA court to provide oversight so these powers are not abused.

Why is Nancy Johnson deceiving us with these false choices in her campaign ad? This is a dishonest attempt to scare Connecticut voters into voting for her. We do not need another deceptive politician in Washington and Johnson should be ashamed of this ad.

President Bush believes that he should not have to comply with this law and there should be no oversight over his actions. Apparently, Nancy Johnson agrees with the President and believes that our government should not be accountable to anyone when they listen to our calls.

Chris Murphy is a politician with integrity. He believes that the President should comply with the current law that allows the government to intercept calls when they need to but report to the FISA court after the surveillance of U.S. citizens has taken place. Murphy will not be a rubber stamp for the President’s failed and illegal policies and will support legislation that benefits the citizens of Connecticut. Please vote for Chris Murphy this November to hold the President accountable and help bring badly needed, positive change to our federal government.

5:32 PM  
Anonymous JerseygirlCT said...

Great letter!

5:32 PM  
Anonymous JerseygirlCT said...

That ad is HORRIBLE and pure speculation at best, as Chris has never held a position in which he'd vote on those issues.

I think and hope that it will backfire on her. A lot of her success has been her image as a nice person. These are not the ads of a nice person. These are the ads of a very scared person.

5:32 PM  

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