Wednesday, September 06, 2006

CNN Poll: 90% Of Americans Say Government Policies Need To Be Changed

A new CNN poll finds that 60% of Americans say government policies need either major changes or a complete overhaul, while 30% said minor changes were needed. Only 7% said no change is necessary.

In a related note, the same poll found that 56 percent said they considered the Democrats the party of change.

Whether those two elements add up to an overhaul of Congress this November remains to be seen. While the poll found an anti-incumbent mood -- 55% said they'd support challengers, compared with 48% in 1994, when Republicans took take control of the House -- those surveyed overall favored Democrats by just a 53-43 split.

The poll was conducted from Aug. 30-Sept. 2


Anonymous alyce douglas said...

are people waking up??????????????

3:36 PM  
Anonymous kurth said...

They're looking at their wallets and they're pissed off

It's a great economy with a fantastic future.

3:37 PM  
Anonymous buddhamama said...

the public perception on the economy is going to hurt Repubs.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous Warpy said...

Attention DLC!!!

That is where the middle is, not some fictional soft right place where even diehard pubbies will get religion of the right sort and love our party.

87% want a substantial rise in the minimum wage, and I don't mean three years from now. They know we're 10 years behind, and we need to do something drastic NOW.

Most people want to get out of Iraq, think it was a mistake to go in there in the first place, and realize it's spun out of control. Some want an immediate declaration of victory (we got Hussein) and a fast withdrawal, others want a gradual withdrawal according to a timetable.

Most people realize that healthcare is a mess, that the insurance companies have done a piss poor job of delivering care, and that what little care is out there is understaffed enough to be dangerous. Universal healthcare is another winning issue.

People are FED UP with runaway CEO salaries, of seeing homes of the rich and tacky paraded in front of them when they're in danger of losing their own, and of being afraid every day they go to a job that still pays the bills may be the last, except for training an Indian or Chinese replcacement.

That's where the center is, DLC. Learn from it or let the party just slide into irrelevancy, kept out of power by apathy among Democrats who know the party no longer gives a rip about them and hard right voting blocs turned out by hard right churches aided by Federal dollars.

11:49 PM  
Anonymous antifaschits said...

even a move to the center, or what used to be the center would be welcome.

The DLC is little different than the GOP, it is simply a matter of degree.

When the whole bloody policy is doomed to fail, are you suggesting that it is improper to take a fresh look, to revisit old decisions, to re-examine old policies and to take bold new steps to fix what ails our country?

11:19 AM  

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