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Who Will Rally Behind Lieberman's Independent Bid For Senate? Perhaps All His Friends In The Conservative Media

Ned Lamont's primary victory yesterday over incumbent Joe Lieberman wasn't a huge surprise. Lamont had led in the polls for several weeks in the race to be Connecticut's Democratic Senate candidate.

And it's not a big surprise that Lieberman, upon losing, made it clear he'll run as an independent. He's been hinting for weeks.

What is surprising is the way the conservative media has rallied behind Lieberman. First comes President Bush's "kiss," and now waves of praise and friendship from just about everyone on the WABC and Fox News Channel roster?

Rush Limbaugh yesterday said on his radio show that Lamont was a "kook," was backed by the "McGovern" wing of the party, and that his victory would signify the liberals were trying to "sabotage the government." Fox News Channel's John Gibson said yesterday that the far left had been "nasty and intolerant and hateful" toward Lieberman. Sean Hannity regularly has Lieberman on his show, calls him a friend, and offered to hold a fundraiser for "Hannity Conservatives for Lieberman." Ann Coulter praised Lieberman and suggested he become a Republican.

Why the chumminess? Clearly, it comes down to the Iraq War. Lieberman has been front-and-center behind President Bush, unwilling to hold the president accountable for failing to heed the call of those who said we needed more troops in Iraq, or underestimating the Iraq insurgency.

Drink from the Bush Administration kool-aid, you get rewarded. It's the "Are You With Us, Or Are You Against Us" Mentality, and there's not much room for independent thought. No matter your conservative credentials, wavering from the administration may lead you to receive unbridled anger -- as has been the case with Sen. John McCain (R-AZ).

So now Lieberman will run as an independent. In effect, this gives the conservative media a two-thirds shot at victory.

If Lieberman wins, the right can try to woo him to leave the Democratic Party altogether. And if Lieberman loses, maybe the vote will be split enough to allow the Republican candidate to win. What's his name again?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:09 AM  
Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

On Hannity & Colmes tonight, Carl Cameron told Hannity that Lieberman running as an independent might be a great campaign strategy, because 44% of Connecticut voters are registered independents, compared with 33% registered Democrats and 22% registered Republicans.

If only it were that simple. If how you registered was how you voted (or how you turned out to vote), then there wouldn't be much need for a general election, right?

Lieberman faces an uphill battle, regardless of what his friends at Fox think (and I'm sure Hannity will talk up Lieberman's chances, if not bring on Joe for some of that Joe-mentum). He won't have the endorsements or the money that Lamont will get. He'll have to grab more than half of the independents and hold onto the 48% of Democrats just to make the math work out.

2:30 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

Lamont's victory shows that Americans will no longer tolerate the Iraq War (60% opposed in a recent CNN poll). The politicians are not representing the will of the people, so the people have spoken.
Expect what happened in Connecticut to reverberate throughout the country in the upcoming months.
For one, cowering politicians, whether right or left, finally will find encouragement to stand up to Bush failed, disasterous policies.
If Lieberman goes through with this scheme to run as an independent, he will be a traitor to the party that stood up for him these last 17 years of his career in the Senate.
He is also a spoiled sport and a sore loser. All to be reflected in the final poll results.
Lieberman's career is over. His next job will be as a political commentator on Faux News.

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heed the portion of the new Washington Post-ABC News poll, which shows Americans trust the Democrats more than Republicans in fighting terrorism, 46% to 38% and shows Dems favored over Republicans on handling Iraq 43% to 40%.
Such info directly contradicts the barrage of conservative commentary today that the Lamont win over Lieberman signifies the Dems are out of touch with Americans on both the war on terror and Iraq, and therefore can expect a "George McGovern-style" loss in November. The only ones who are out of touch are the conservative commentators.
Link to poll:

11:53 AM  
Anonymous Lowell said...

If the conservative back him it will be because they think they will be able to split the liberal voting block. Votes for Joe will take away from the Democratic total and hand the knuckledragging mouthbreaters a victory with out a majority.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous leesa said...

Good. I think they should keep it up.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous mcscajun said...

I'm with you. It will backfire.

In the end, LIEberman will out himself as the Republican that he is, saying the Democrats are "Out of Touch" with mainstream America. Count on it.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous KKKarl is an idiot said...

Ann Coulter praised him

He must be working for the right wing. I have never heard her praise anyone who is a Democrat. I think tomorrow all progressives should support the war in Iraq. Then the right wing will suddenly oppose the war in Iraq just because we are supporting it as our position now. Then they will vote to bring the troops home & we will change our position back to the original anti-Iraq war stance. They will then be running around trying to figure out how to get the troops back over there.

3:56 PM  
Anonymous otohara said...

Since His Loss, The Media Has Been Gushing for poor old Joe.

Lastinght I stayed up to watch the "special" Hardball at 1am to hear Ned Lamont. Not one word from the winner - oh no!! It was one hour of pitiful, pathetic Joe and how the meanies threw him out!

This is gonna be FUGLY!

5:51 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

I hope the Repuks continue to think that the Lieberman loss is due only to the fiasco in Iraq. There is a lot more to this voting than just Iraq. The MSM made Iraq the focal point with only tangential mention of the total dislike of the entire Bush and republican policy. Imo even if Iraq were to get better, which I hope it does - because if supporting our troops have caused 2560 deaths I do not want 5000 to die to show I really support our troops, there is still so much to dislike about this Cowboy mentality of running our country. I want a different group running our country that will:
1. Obey the constitution, think that it means something and not that it is just a piece of worn out paper.
2. Sign laws and then obey them instead of signing a bill and then say they want obey them or just plain simply veto the bill if they do not like it
3. Fight the war on "terrorism" without requiring us to slide backwards in our freedoms. Asking us to sacrifice our freedoms give the "terrorist" power over us that they are after anyway. All they have to do is say "BOO" and we cower and they win.
4. Fight the powerfull lobbyist that are running our country especially the Energy companies. Get us on a path to energy independence right now.
5. Protect our earth for my grandkids( which I do not have yet).
6. Talk about abortion, gay marriage, flag burnig, stem cell research,and real patriotism on a moral basis instead of a political basis.
7. Not lie to the public, distort facts, spin their ideology, mislead the public on vital information.
8. Not spend their entire time passing laws that only benefit the wealthy.
9. Not spend their entire non-law passing time calling everyone that disagrees with them un-patriotic, un-american,etc, etc, etc,etc,etc
10. Serve all the citizens in their district, their state, or the nation.
11. Require all republicans that have not yet served and is in the acceptable age brackett to enlist in the military to show us that are un-patriotic how to be patriotic.
12. Disavow any connection, support, or leanings to the republican party.

What envy we would be in the world if we could get these 12 things.

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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