Friday, August 18, 2006

Potential "Liquid Explosives" Helping Charity For The Homeless

The Associated Press reports that liquid items -- confiscated because they could be explosives -- at Eugene Airport, in Oregon, are being used by a charity for the homeless.

The St. Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County has started picking up some of the things people have jettisoned for security reasons as they board flights.

Charley Harvey, assistant executive director of the charity, dug through trash bags Tuesday and took every bottle of shampoo and shaving cream he could find. The items will be distributed at the organization's First Place Family Center.

If liquid explosives were a real threat, the Transportation Security Agency probably would need a policy on how to properly dispose of items. If liquid explosives were a real threat, the government wouldn't want anyone -- including a potential terrorist -- grabbing such items in the airport trash.

Is it possible that the recent changes in airport policy weren't designed for our protection, but instead for the political gain of scaring Americans?


Anonymous whoop4467 said...

Yea we could collect all of these explosive materials and drop them on the "terrorist" hide-outs. Trinity and Sandy might like the money we save instead of using the $billion stuff.

8:07 PM  
Anonymous demigoddess said...

Hear on Thomm Hartman today that the process they would have to go through to make explosives on a plane would be impossible to get away with. It would take several hours of work and space that is just not possible on airplanes today. So, yeah, I think we are just being jerked around, like the other two groups of 'terrorists' that they arrested recently, they were also not very 'dangerous'.

11:20 PM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

The problem: the camera rolls on people tossing their shampoo, toothpaste at security checkpoints.
Why no fair and balanced MSM coverage on Thomm Hartman's findings and the reports of people picking in the airport trash for the items?
The MSM has got it completely wrong: a pawn for the reich-wing Bushie terror scare machine.

And it best stay clear of the rabid conservative attack dogs out for Judge Taylor.

9:04 AM  

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