Sunday, August 27, 2006

O'Beirne Repeats "Truthiness" On American Support For Troop Redeployment; Russert Fails To Notice

The names may have changed on today’s edition of NBC’s Meet The Press, but the false claim was the same.

Last week, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told guest host David Gregory, “Most of the Americans, when you’re asked, “Do you want to set a date for withdrawal,” say no.

This morning, conservative pundit Kate O’Beirne repeated the false claim to host Tim Russert.

O’BEIRNE: "Despite all of the bad news and how pessimistic the public is, they do not support leaving prematurely, and a timetable to do so."

And like last week, when Gregory failed to challenge McCain, Russert today failed to challenge O’Beirne..

This is “truthiness.” Conservatives don’t want to admit that polls show that 57% of Americans say they want to see troop redeployment from Iraq within a year.. Deny this truth, and you can start making all sorts of false claims about what the American people want.

It’s all part of a concerted effort to make an American majority feel as if it’s out-of-step -- that wanting to see a gradual withdrawal from Iraq is somehow a fringe liberal belief.

And as long as hosts like Russert and Gregory allow these false claims to go unchallenged, conservatives can continue to proceed with that concerted effort.


Blogger ThankMe said...

Removing troops from Iraq now would be stupid, like this blog!

Thank Me!

11:27 PM  
Anonymous Ditto said...

Compelling, TM, compelling. Where's is your sound, logical, adult retort to the content of the post? This fine blog doesn't make the news or polls results.

Make John Houseman proud and fill the blogosphere with your superior intellect... or just call things "stupid". Your choice... or maybe that IS the best you can do. WWRD?

1:33 PM  
Blogger ThankMe said...

Ditto, so are you saying we should pull all of our troops out of Iraq as soon as possible? Do you think that would be smart? If you do, then no logic or "adult retort" can help you!

Thank Me!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Ditto said...

Just about as I expected... With this level of comprehension on display I think it is safe to gloss-over all subsequent ThankMe posts!

Keep up the great work, David!

4:13 PM  
Blogger Crystal said...

Hahaha!! What a comment to this blog. Unfortunately, going there in the first place was the "stupid" part. We gotta trust the Iraqi people to set-up their own government. (They should have been the one to take out Saddam, if that was what they really wanted... but that is a whole different story.) They know more what to do, because they actually know what's going on there. Its obvious ThankMe is just emotional about the politics of it all. It's okay TM, we are all a bit disillusioned. You may just not know where your critizism should be directed... but you know there must be some.
Thanks for the discussion Ditto & TM. It's very much needed in a democracy.
PS- Dissent is patriotic, and pulling American men and women out of harms way... out of a civil war is as well... obviously.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

Thank me - Where I get encensed with the repuks and people like you is there is no interest in a real honest debate about Iraq. Contrary to the Repuke "spin machine" there are many Americans that love this country, are patriotic, have already served this country through military service and are proud to be American that simply disagree with the current Repuke foreign policy and the policy in Iraq. The main reason we are in the mess we are in iraq is because of the strong-headed Bush doctrine, unilateral neo-con ideas, listen to nobody with experience in Iraq policy and the idea that the Repuks are the only ones that know what is best. The biggest mistake was there was and still(even after 5 yrs) no real honest debate by this administration with the American people and with congress about going into Iraq. There are many intelligent well experienced people in American that believe we need to get out of Iraq. Instead of name calling and the repuks getting pissed off that not everyone agrees with them, there should be an entire U.S. citizen honest debate about Iraq. And you guys wonder why so few people( even Repuks - read all of my post about what small %( almost zero) of repuks are enlisting) want to enlist and fight in any war planned by this administration.
If you have not ever served, then why have you not enlisted to show your patriotism and asked to serve in Iraq. Just think you could go fight in Iraq, kill a few "terrorist" and come back possibly as the "Audie Murphy" of the Iraq war. If you do enlist I will even contribute more money to "operation-helmut" to purchase a better helmut for you than is provided by the military. I will also donate more phone minutes to you so you can call your family while in combat.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some lib-tard needs a spell checker.

10:20 PM  
Blogger ThankMe said...

Crystal, admit it! You liked my blog, didn't you? Catchy tune, isn’t it?

Thank Me!

10:32 PM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

thankme, you don't understand the difference between beginning troop withdrawal -- the point made in the article -- and full and immediate troop withdrawal.

A majority of Americans say they want the u.s.-led coalition to, as Bush would say, stand down as the Iraqis stand up. let the iraqis handle the turf battles between shiite and sunni, and let the u.s.-led coalition handle border patrol, to prevent saudis, syrians and iranians from joining or supplying the insurgency.

it's not that hard a concept, once you remove your blinders.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

Anybody who reads something with one mis-spelled word and not understand the context of the post must be a neo-con retard with an IQ less than 50, which is about that of a plant.

10:56 PM  
Blogger ThankMe said...

Rob, could you answer this question, please. Why do you want our troops to be pulled out of Iraq?

11:30 PM  
Anonymous liberalism IS treason said...

ThankMe, the libs have changed their tactics because they realized that they were getting their fat asses handed to them. People were rejecting these traitors who were calling for the outright removal of our troops.

You see, the American people are smarter than the lib-tard traitors give them credit. True Americas, that is the majority, are sick of these filthy anti-American poltroons and their stabbing our troops, and our country, in the back.

Therefore, they have changed their tactics and now saying “beginning a withdrawal.” Like when the term “liberal” became such a divisive term that they started calling themselves “progressive.” But you can put makeup and a wig on a pig…it is still a pig…and liberals are STILL anti-American.

1:07 AM  
Anonymous whoop4467 said...

liberalism IS treason said...
You see, the American people are smarter than the lib-tard traitors give them credit. True Americas, that is the majority, are sick of these filthy anti-American poltroons and their stabbing our troops, and our country, in the back

Yea I guess donating to the "operation-helmut" fund and donating phone minutes to the troops is stabbing them and our country in the back.

I guess you think that is worse than you repuks having a miserable enlistment % as part of the total U.S. population??

Next time you see a soldier, ask him which is more devastating to him and other troops: Someone that donates something to the troops, someone that has already served his country and disagrees with this admimstration, or a 150,000,000 repuks that yell at the top of their lungs(some on these boards) about how pro-American or how patriotic they are, but less than .0001% enlist in the military to back up their boastfull rhetoric.

It is obvious that you and Thank me have no clue what treason, un-American or un-patriotic really means.

As I have said to Thank me, I will make the same offer to you "treason" that if you enlist, I will contribute more money to "operation-helmut" to purchase a better helmut for both of you and contribute phone minutes to you both so you can call your family while you are fighting the "war on terrorism".

You both could go fight the "terrorist" in Iraq and maybe come back as the "Duo Audie Murphys".

I hope you both grow up soon.

2:00 AM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

thankme, I don't.

try hard to understand the difference: beginning troop redeployment within a year does note equal full and immediate troop withdrawal.

Once you get past that problem of understanding, then we can talk about specifics.

8:36 PM  

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