Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Bush's Approval Rating Increase On Homeland Security. Why?

A new poll from Newsweek finds that 55% of Americans approve of the way President Bush is handling homeland security.

The approval rating is up 11% from May. The big question is: why?

The poll was taken on Thursday and Friday, after British authorities foiled a plot to use chemical bombs to bring down as many as 10 airliners flying from Britain to the United States.

Are Americans confused about the U.S. roll in thwarting the plot? We had no role in monitoring or capturing the 23 plotters -- other than to push Britain to make the arrests now, vs. a week or so later, as Britain had wanted.

Maybe 55% of Americans said they were pleased with the Bush Administration because they were relieved that the country had escaped another Sept. 11-like tragedy. But if the average American knew that for seven months, the Department of Homeland Security had sat on technology that could detect liquid explosives, would they be as pleased?

It would be unfortunate if Americans, unaware of the details, made voting decisions based primarily on administration spin, such as that we're "fighting them there so you don't have to fight them here." The baseline for approval can't simply be that we haven't been struck again; it should be that we're confident our government is doing all it can.

We're not doing all we can. Not when we sit on technology rather than aggressively determine whether it can strengthen airport security. Not when the Transportation Security Agency in March went an incredible 0 for 21 in finding bomb-making materials snuck onto airplanes by the GAO, it would be less likely to endorse the administration. Now when DHS consistently misses deadlines for such things as determining gameplans for deploying bomb-detection machines at airports, they'd have a different opinion of the administration.

Over the past few days, Bush and DHS Secretary Michael Chertoff have been front and center on the television, and maybe that gave Bush an artificial boost. Once the dust clears and people have a chance to consider the big picture, I'm guessing Bush's approval rating will drop again.


Anonymous elliswyatt said...

Simply put most Americans are idiots and don't know what the hell is going on around them. They seek simple answers to complex questions. It is up to us to educate the idiots

10:16 AM  
Anonymous bluestateguy said...

In my darker moments there are times when I think that only very highly educated people should be allowed to vote, unless you can pass a test that qualifies you as politically knowledgeable. I'm not saying I believe this, only that I have inclinations toward this in my darker moments.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Philosoraptor said...

Vast herds. And Galoots in great numbers, and Yahoos and Gomers.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous EstimatedProphet said...

Here's your answer

The poll was taken on Thursday and Friday

The media was full of Chicken Little crap through the weekend. It hadn't sunk in to most people that this was categorically a farce. They were being scaremongered by the administration. the polls taken this week will show some differences.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous NC_Nurse said...

They must've polled the dumbasses?
Seems to me most people were not interested/not impressed by this last incident. Every time the Repubs poll numbers look bad there's a damn terror alert.
Can you say "cry wolf"? This one didn't even get over here and had NOTHING to do with our govt.

10:18 AM  
Anonymous butterfly77 said...

They believe the bull that he is protecting them because he has hidden so much that they don't know the difference.

10:18 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

Middle America has been hijacked by Rovian propaganda promulgated by the main stream media.
Here is how it works.
The MSM gives ample time for Bush to declare "we are safer" and hold a press conference on the thwarted terrorist attack in London, but not the well-deserved equal time for the kind of news JABBS reports above on actual actions beyond words of the Bush Administration on national security.
The MSM believes people would rather take comfort wrapped in a Bushie illusion they are safer, rather than to be given the correct knowledge so they can make their own determination on whether they are actually safer.
A nice deception that endangers our safety.

10:46 AM  
Anonymous trinity said...

bluestateguy said...
"In my darker moments there are times when I think that only very highly educated people should be allowed to vote, unless you can pass a test that qualifies you as politically knowledgeable. I'm not saying I believe this, only that I have inclinations toward this in my darker moments."

I'm always amazed at the level of arrogance that libs display when people disagree with them. The above statement says it all, and bluestateguy is not alone in possessing this insufferable trait. He's a prime example of someone who obviously has been "educated" beyond his intelligence. I think I've finally had enough. There is no possibility of liberals and conservatives ever coming together.

11:25 AM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

Trinity strikes again.
Opting for irrelevance in favor of responding to the issue at hand.
The Department of Homeland Security has clearly missed deadlines on installing bomb detecting equipment on top of the finding of the TSA all discussed above.
Do you agree Americans have been wrongly spun on the true ability of the Bush Administration to protect them from terrorists?
Of course we know what your answer would be, but let's see if you can actually substantiate your argument (beyond Bushie spin points) like JABBS has done.

1:07 PM  
Blogger A. Wickersham said...

Trinity - So you're Ann Coulter? Channeling her? Her trained seal? Who disagreed? About what? The question posed by the thread is "why the hell would W get a polling spike for something he didn't do?" The answer is that there are plenty of people out there no smarter than you. Case closed. Go away - we see enough of Ann on TV without hearing someone even less articulate and intelligent trying to mimic her.

6:30 PM  
Blogger Grant said...

The problem isn't disagreeing with someone who has a "different opinion". Let’s say that you and I go outside and look up. The sky is blue. I say "hey, the sky is blue". You respond with "no, it's red". There are not two opinions here. One SAYS the sky is red, while it's clearly not, while the other is simply looking at the sky as is.

That is basically the situation we are now in. Based on the facts, there is no possible way on earth you can say that Bush (or the right wing in general) has made the country safer, healthier or put in on a good trajectory. We ARE, without any doubt, on the way to economic ruin. I don’t see anything plausible to reverse it. We have a dysfunctional, overpriced, inefficient healthcare system that is twice as expensive as anyone else in the industrialized world despite the fact that we have the 37th best healthcare system overall. Our educational system is horribly under funded and it shows in the types of decisions we make as a country (hell, even the Americans with Ivy league educations seem to be dumber than rocks). As a result of capital and financial deregulation, the corporations and rich individuals who own things like offshore unregulated hedge funds have taken over the ability of countries to control their own economic systems. Almost all countries now have nothing more than puppet governments that have to play by the whims of corporations, not the other way around. These are not MY side of these issues, these are facts that you can’t dispute. They are partisan only because the right wing leaders make it so and are reliant on the current system for their status.

It isn't a difference of opinion, you are looking at the sky and calling it red. You're doing so by emotionally pleasing platitudes and ignorance. People like you will not see these points until it’s too late.

7:06 PM  
Anonymous farang said...

Who says the NEWSWEEK poll isn't a fake poll? Polls also stated Bush was ahead of Gore by 4%, and Gore won by over 500,000 votes. Who says that most Americans don't already understand that the media lies to them? You "educated" Americans, that's who.

Case in point: I read with interest the Raw Story article with Chertoff and Bush (the photo shown here on this site), how Chertoff was (and now today Gonzales) whining to eviserate even More Rights from American citizens in the name of "security."

I also read with interest the more than 350 comments on that Raw Story article, 99% against this insane adminstrations policies. Quite voceriferously, I might add. Also placing the blame Exactly where it belongs.

Next day, while much lesser responded to articles remained, Raw Story saw fit to pull the article completely. No response by Raw Story to my inquiry where it had disappeared to. Nor is the comment section on today's Gonzales propaganda tirade open for comment, it is closed at 105 comments.... can't even read them, much less add comments.

So, those calling for "IQ" tests for voters can kiss my white American ass.

We're smart enough to know when we are being scammed AND having the editors ignore the truth by ommission.

As in: It is High School educated people that oppose the Iraq war in bigger percentages than "University Educated" Americans, same as Vietnam.

Why? Not just because that is who makes the biggest sacrifices...it is also because the "Educated" crowd calls Bush and Rice and Katherine Harris, and many many other nincompoops "Social Status comrades".

No thanks. I'll drudge along and muck my way through without you "geniuses" telling me how to vote. Or believing BS polls.

11:56 PM  
Blogger thewaronterrible said...

David and JABBS deserve credit for beating Media Matters to the punch on this very topic.
I post the link for those who want to read more on the subject, including additional blogger commentary.

4:21 PM  

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