Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Borger: White House Press Corps "Suckers" Who Get "Used" By Bush Administration

Sometimes, you can't make this stuff up.

CBS News' Gloria Borger, who has at times mouthed White House spin ( here, here, and here, among others) admitted to host Howard Kurtz on the June 18 edition of CNN's Reliable Sources that the White House Press Corps were "suckers" who were being "used" by the Bush Administration.

KURTZ: Gloria Borger, are journalists suckers for this kind of secret trip to Baghdad stuff? I mean, Bush was there less than six hours but got an avalanche of mostly positive coverage.

BORGER: I think we are suckers. Particularly if you're the one who gets to go on the pool, Howie, and gets to travel with the president on a secret trip to Baghdad. We do like these secret trips. Believe it or not, we kind of like to be surprised, but I think if you're a bureau chief in Washington, you may be asking, "Gee, why didn't we have more information?" ... So you know you're being used, but in a way you kind of like it because it's good pictures.

Gee, why don't the White House press corps get more information? Could it be that it's "frightening" to ask tough questions, as Elisabeth Bumiller, the former White House reporter for the New York Times, said last year. Could it be because White House reporters who do their jobs and ask tough questions of the administration and its spokesmen, such as NBC's David Gregory, are immediately chastised by the conservative media as "liberal?" Are they so envious of Fox News Channel's ratings that they are willing to imitate Bush buddies like Fox's Carl Cameron? Could it be that they're so scared of being ostracized by the administration that they are willing to lambaste a Bush critic, but look the other way when the President says something offensive? That they are willing to amplify conservative anger over jokes at the president's expense, but not provide the same coverage of jokes at the expense of the president's opponent?

The White House press corps does not consist entirely of "suckers," as Borger suggests. It does not consist entirely of people "used" by the Bush Administration -- or any earlier administration, for that matter. Such sweeping stereotypes are useless, like suggesting the entire media apparatus is "liberal" or "un-American" or "treasonous."

But don't kid yourself. The "suckers" among them -- the Borgers, Bumillers and Camerons of the world -- make "suckers" of all of us, every time we trust that they are doing their jobs.


Anonymous Americus said...

Res ipsa loquitur

"The thing speaks for itself."

Why would you expect the WH press corps to be anything other than sycophants and stenographers to power? It never has been anything more than that.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous QuestionAll said...

who trusts them...?

they're a bunch of lackey enablers.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous donsu said...

agree - does anybody trust them?

bunch of cowards

11:43 AM  
Anonymous democrank said...

Like beating your head into a wall because it feels so good when you stop. We`re being used but......

11:44 AM  
Anonymous Strawman said...

Hey it's good pictures

That's the role of the fourth branch of government in Reagan/Bush America: to provide good pictures of the president.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...


there was a WH consultant for Reagan who was watching a damning news report about Reagan and Iran-Contra, and said he didn't mind, because the images were pretty of Reagan, and most people wouldn't pay attention to what the reporter said anyway.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous TwoSparkles said...

At least, they're starting to admit that they are a bunch of suckers.

BushCo treats reporters like poodles--who should be honored to have the access that they do. This misAdministration does not allow a free press. They deny access to reporters who ask tough questions and they give exclusives to reporters who toe the line.

Helen, God bless her soul, is there so BushCo can appear to be all-inclusive.

This administration has a firm grip on the media, but it is the fault of the media owners and editors who allow this administration to call the shots. BushCo needs the media. The media really have the power---but they've relinquished it to thugs. They allowe these thugs to bully and intimidate them into silence.

What if the media did their jobs and BushCo got pissed and denied them access? Maybe then, the media would begin doing their jobs--investigating, uncovering, answering questions, digging--instead of worrying to much about access.

Woodward and Bernstein sure as hell didn't have access, and look what they accomplished.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Prag said...

Count me out... I haven't believed in the WH Press Corps since way before Jeffie.

11:45 AM  

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