Saturday, May 27, 2006

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

The head of the Veterans Affairs Department was kept in the dark about the theft of computer data on 26.5 million veterans.

A Bush Administration official who has followed the episode said Secretary R. James Nicholson was not told about the missing data until the night of May 16, or 13 days after the discs containing the data were stolen in a burglary at the residence of a department employee.

Nicholson issued a statement on Wednesday vowing "a very extensive review of individuals up and down the chain of command" and urging his department's inspector general's office to expedite an investigation of the affair.

It makes you wonder what these Bush Administration secretaries are told in real time, like back in February, when it seemed no cabinet members knew anything about the proposed transfer of port management contracts to a Dubai-owned company until the matter had made headlines.

That issue was pretty serious, as is the issue of stolen veterans data.

Some are suggesting Nicholson should be dumped. I think that's the least of our problems.


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