Monday, May 08, 2006

Tonight, Severin Offered Fearmongering. What Else Can A Conservative Radio Host Do?

"I want to know who the 30% is."

-- Conservative radio host Jay Severin, on President Bush's popularity, May 8

The sad thing, though, is that even though Severin said he doesn't consider himself among the 30% -- he disagrees with Bush when the president strays from the "conservative" viewpoint -- Severin nonetheless told his listeners to continue voting in droves for Republicans.

Why not show disastisfaction by voting for opposing candidates? Severin fears a world where the Democrats control Congress. Rather than offering his listeners a rational, let alone balanced, view, he turned tonight to fearmongering.

"Do you want a Senate Majority Leader Dianne Feinstein?" Severin asked, apparently overlooking Harry Reid (D-NV), a pro-life Democrat, the current minority leader. "Do you want a Judiciary Committee headed by John Conyers (R-MI)?" he asked, switching from one house of Congress to the other without batting an eye.

Severin then listened to a caller upset that Democrats were opposing Gen. Michael Hayden, nominated earlier today to replace Porter Goss as head of the CIA. Neither the caller nor Severin noted that a host of Republicans also oppose Hayden. That would diminish the fearmongering-as-policy debate.

"Who do the liberals want? Dennis Kucinich? Jesse Jackson? Oprah Winfrey?" Severin mocked.

Witness what conservative talk radio becomes when two-thirds of the country oppose the president, and three-fifths want to see Democrats regain control of Congress.

Bereft of ways to defend their party's leadership -- which they admit they disagree with -- all conservatives have left is name-calling. All they can do is jeer and mock, creating fictional versions of Democrats in order to disagree with them.

Real Democratic ideas? They aren't interested. It's bad for ratings to offer rational, let alone balanced, arguments on the issues of the day.


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