Monday, March 13, 2006

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

The federal judge in the sentencing trial of Zacarias Moussaoui said today she may dismiss the death penalty prosecution of the al Qaeda conspirator after a federal lawyer apparently coached witnesses on upcoming testimony.

More than a dozen pages of e-mails shown to the court contain a set of messages that "smacks of coaching," which the judge has prohibited.

U.S. District Judge Leonie Brinkema said it was "very difficult for this case to go forward" after prosecutors revealed that a lawyer for the Transportation Security Administration had violated her order barring witnesses from any exposure to trial testimony.

She also pointed out that this is the second time the government has made an error that infringed on Moussaoui's constitutional rights.


Blogger Sulayman said...

Blame the prosecutor for making such a GLARING error. Everyone has eyes on this case, and she drops the ball pretty badly.

Let's keep the trial fair. I don't have any sympathy for Moussaui, who seems like a lunatic, but I want the whole thing fair. We're under scrutiny, and should prove that we're a nation of laws and fairness. If we just lock him up for being Muslim, then the Muslim and international community won't want to help co-operate, but if we prove that Americans are fair and decent, then we'll get lots of help.

6:51 PM  

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