Monday, March 13, 2006

Joe Biden Talks Tough, But Tells The Truth (Part II)

RUSSERT: Senator Biden, what has the port controversy done to the Bush presidency?

BIDEN: It’s sort of stripped away the curtain that there was any competence on, on homeland security.

I heard you on another show with Katie Couric, Tim, saying something in effect that Congress hadn’t done much, either. Back in 2001, (Senate Democrats) introduced legislation for port security and rail security; 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005. It’s been repeatedly spurned by the administration. Virtually nothing’s been done. Their priorities are backwards, Tim. Tim, if, in fact, they spent as much money on homeland security as they do one year on Star Wars, we could fund another 13,000 police locally, another 1,000 FBI agents. We could have every container at every port inspected with gamma rays as well as with radiation. We could, in fact, secure our railroads. These guys have priorities that are backwards and they’re dangerously, dangerously incompetent. And this is going to be the next place you’re going to see that incompetence show.

-- Sen. Joe Biden, NBC's Meet The Press, March 12


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