Friday, March 17, 2006

How Badly Has Bush's Popularity Slipped? Just Consult This "Colorful" Map ...

Liberal blog Radical Writ has produced a "colorful" look at how President Bush's popularity has fallen off a cliff since the 2004 presidential election.

The map shows "net approval" -- job approval minus job disapproval. The redder the state, the higher Bush's net approval. The bluer the state, the lower the net approval. The raw data came from

The map changes every five seconds, as the data set goes from November, 2004 to March, 2006. By the time you get to the most recent data, it becomes pretty clear that Bush's support has eroded in even traditional "red" states.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now even red state folks recognize they have been dupes to Rove's completely fraudulent and dishonest campaign.

Keeping out homosexuals suddenly does not seem so important anymore. These folks are thinking perhaps Bush really did lie about national security, Iraq and terrorism.
Since the Bush Administration legacy has been the writing of so much legislation to address its blunders in national security, pre-war intelligence, disaster response and other areas, can Congress add a new law to the pile allowing for a recall election?

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Are you not paying attention? They pretty much condone or ignore what he's doing - including all the illegal spying, immoral/irrational war, sinking of the budget to record debt levels - because otherwise BUSH just IGNORES CONGRESS! He tells THEM what's happening! They're the most whipped Congress i've ever had the displeasure of paying attention to. And Congress only does the bidding of the lobbyist/corporate/theocratic right and, in turn, pretty much IGNORES THE WISHES OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE (oh where shall we start how about health care, a better minimum wage, or GET US THE HELL OUT OF THAT SHITHOLE WE'RE LOSING BILLIONS OF DOLLARS A MONTH FOR NOTHING BUT DEAD SOLDIERS AND ANGRY ARABS!) If Bush isn't the worst president EVER, i don't know who else comes close: he lost Nixon long ago.

6:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with you Tom. I only meant to suggest JABBS indicates even some red staters appear to be catching on.
Unfortunately, our knuckehead representatives in congress have not.
Despite most of the entire country opposed to the Iraq War and Bush, we still have this week a majority of Democrats and mostly Republicans voting to throw away another $78 billion into the Iraq incinerator.
And there's no end in site.
See below link: "Cost of Iraq War Could Surpass $1 Trillion."
They will keep on burning up billions of our hard-earned dollars for this completely illegal, corrupt wasteful war ensuring the insolvency for this and many generations to come.
We all need to rally our legislatures. And I'm not talking about sending emails and letters they can conveniently ignore. We must storm their offices in big numbers. We must let them no that we will vote out of office every one of them that continues to support the policies of this insane administration.

9:41 PM  

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