Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Senior White House Officials Urge Cheney To Make Public Statement On Shooting

Vice President Cheney's tepid public response to the accidental shooting of a fellow quail hunter is prompting senior White House officials to press Cheney to publicly address the issue, several prominent Republicans told the Washington Post yesterday.

The Republicans said Cheney should have immediately disclosed the shooting Saturday night to avoid even the suggestion of a coverup and should have offered a public apology for his role in accidentally shooting Republican fund-raiser Harry Whittington.

Cheney has avoided public comment on the shooting other than to release two short statements. The first stated that he would be issued a warning for not paying a $7 hunting fee in Texas. The second, released Tuesday, detailed when he learned of Whittington's worsening condition -- Whittington suffered a heart attack earlier in the day as a result of one of Cheney's pellets -- and said his "thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Whittington and his family."

"I cannot believe he does not look back and say this should have been handled differently," said Vin Weber, a former Republican congressman from Minnesota who is close to the White House.

"If I read Dick Cheney right, he's got to be just devastated" by the shooting incident, said Robert H. Michel, a former House Republican leader from Illinois and a longtime friend. But Michel said he is mystified that the vice president has not come out in public to express his feelings.


Anonymous there-s a said...

He shoots a guy in the face and has to be threatened,begged and cajoled into making a statement.Outrageous.Even the runaway bride came forward quicker than this guy.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous C_U_L8R said...

yeah right.. real devastated

10:58 AM  
Anonymous rodeodance said...

so, Jr just can not demand---Cheney to get with it. (guess we knew that now hope all know it)

10:58 AM  
Anonymous rodeodance said...

this shows who is in charge and it ain't jr.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous snacker said...

Frankly, at this point, I think it is too late for that. This should have been done right away. The damage is done

10:59 AM  
Anonymous wtmusic said...

"It's unsurprisng that the vice president would not make a public
statement, as he is an unrepentant asshole," said wtmusic in a public statement today which shocked GOP leadership.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous there-s a said...


10:59 AM  
Anonymous Canuckistanian said...

Mystified, yeah , right

This is entirely in keeping with Cheney's demeanour. He may be a nice guy to his closest pals, but he's a lying, murderous bastard to the rest of the human race.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Mme. Defarge said...

What if Cheney didn't shoot him?

This whole story is so nonsensical that that would explain a lot. At the very least it's a huge diversion.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

what if the neighbor hadn't called the local paper?
Is it possible we still would not have known about the shooting? There was no press corps, just secret service a few GOP buddies.

Or how about this: what if the neighbor hadn't called, and then whittington died of the heart attack, and then the news broke?

This is just another example of personal need (Cheney's disdain for the press) trumping national need (the right to know what the President and Vice President are doing).

11:06 AM  
Anonymous MrBenchley said...

Deadheart Dick puts Lynne in a cloth coat and weeps on camera....

11:06 AM  
Blogger Bob Miller said...

My Friend Dick...

I know you think that Dick Cheney, like other politicians, is fair game. No pun intended. That's not the case. Yes, you can go after him, but you can also suffer the consequences for doing so.

While being interviewed by a reporter in late 2005, I made the following statement.

Reporter: "I find it strange, Miller, that you would just throw out the name of the Vice President and let it go at that. You usually say why you like or dislike a person. I’m kind of surprised that you would just mention the Vice President and Secretary of Defense in passing.”

Yours truly: "The only thing I’ve heard about Rumsfeld is that there are sophomores at West Point who would make a better Secretary of Defense. As far as Cheney goes, he’s very different from either Bush or Rumsfeld. Dick Cheney is one vulgar, immoral, sadistic, subhuman. Not since Heinrich Himmler has one so evil walked among us."

That statement earned me a two-hour session with Mr. Cheney's SS storm troopers. I had flown hundreds of missions in Vietnam, shot down twice, and thought I had known terror. Believe me, I didn't know the meaning of the word. I'm
Bob Miller

4:47 PM  

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