Friday, January 13, 2006

Gonzales To Testify About Bush's Warrantless Domestic Spying Program

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is scheduled to testify next month before the Senate on the Bush Administration's warrantless domestic spying program.

"The attorney general is planning to testify on the NSA (National Security Agency) activities recently described by the president," a Justice Department official said.

According to President Bush's Dec. 17 radio address, it was Gonzales, as White House counsel, who personally approved the surveillance program.

There are no shortage of conservatives and Republicans voicing concern over the seemingly illegal program. George Will called Bush's actions a mistake. William Safire said he sided with Bush's critics. At least 11 Republican Senators have questioned the policy.

Some conservative observers have actually suggested Bush's personally authorizing the surveillance was an impeachable offense. The program circumvented rules that say the National Security Agency must obtain a warrant before proceeding.

Some key questions that should be asked of Gonzales:

-- How can Gonzales justify a program clearly in violation of existing the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act?

-- Was it wrong for President Bush to lie on at least three occasions last year about circumventing the law?

-- Did Gonzales mislead the Senate during his confirmation hearings last year, when he said "(T)he president is not above the law. Of course he’s not above the law"?

-- During the same hearing, did Gonzales mislead the Senate when he said, "(I)t is not the policy or the agenda of this president to authorize actions that would be in contravention of our criminal statutes"?


Anonymous ash said...

This one's easy. Gonzales argues backward, from the conclusion through the argument to the premise. As clever and tricky as he is, it will succeed to some extent, though his first loyalty is to ensure job security by telling his boss exactly what he wants to hear.

7:58 PM  

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