Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Daily Show's Corddry Understands Bush's Scripted Tikrit Teleconference Is Merely Latest Episode of Drama He Knows As "The White House"

The Daily Show's Rob Corddry sees things a different way.

Asked to analyze President Bush's scripted teleconference with soldiers Thursday -- what JABBS calls the "Tikrit Deceit" -- Corddry instead understood that Thursday's events were merely the latest episode in the drama he and other Washington "correspondents" have come to love, The White House.

You have to hand it to Comedy Central's writers. They understand that something's "funny" with treating American soldiers as props for political purposes.

Here's an unofficial transcript from the back-and-forth between "Senior Political Analyst" Corddry and host Jon Stewart on last night's show:

STEWART: It's obviously not news that many of the administration's media events are scripted and prepared. But in this instance, were you surprised that the Pentagon allowed soldiers to be used in that manner, and then for the rehearsal to be seen by the public?

CORDDRY: A little bit, Jon. but it was a nice gesture to the fans. A little peek at what goes on behind the scenes. And a nice bonus for the fifth season DVD of The White House.

STEWART: I don't think I know what you're talking about.

CORDDRY: Well, I'm talking about one of my favorite show, Jon. For all the hype about Desperate Housewives and Lost, The White House is one of the best scripted dramas out there. That new one, Commander in Chief -- total ripoff. Move over, Geena Davis, this fall a man will ... still be president.

STEWART: But Rob, we're not talking about just a TV show.

CORDDRY: Oh, I know Jon. For me and my fellow White House fans, or "Whities," it isn't just a TV show. We live or die with all these characters.

Like, uh, like on Season Three, uh, when the president, "George W. Bush" -- a competitive, born-again, ex-alcoholic with a Texas twang and a chip on his shoulder -- lands a fighter jet on the deck of an aircraft carrier and yells, "Mission Accomplished." I mean, that is f---ing TV, man!

Although, Jon, although if they're not careful, this thing is going to jump the shark. Like last season, the whole Social Security "B" story. Twelve town hall episodes in a row? C'mon, man. And the dialogue?

(Cut to C-SPAN video):

WOMAN #1: President Bush, welcome to Tampa. We're so happy you're here.

BUSH: Nice to be back. Thank you.

WOMAN #2: I'm very happy to have you as the president.

MAN: What can I do to help you?

(End video)

CORDDRY: Ok, ok. We get it. The president has stumbled on a community of androids. Jon, Star Trek, Season Two, Episode Three. Watch it much?

And what about that "Cheney" character? I mean, he's gone from plausibly evil to cartooney evil.

And I say, for my money, bring back Osama, ok? Guy disappears in Season One ... they never wrap up the storyline. Jon, that's just bad writing.

STEWART: I do think the larger question is, "Why do these events about particular topics have to be scripted at all?" Do you foresee a presidency when they are not scripted?

CORDDRY: Hmmm. Uh, what do you mean, like a Curb Your Enthusiasm thing?

STEWART: Ok, thank you Rob Corddry.


Anonymous KT2000 said...

Ha!- thanks for posting this

missed the first half of the show tonight and I'm sorry I did. That was great stuff.

7:45 AM  
Anonymous Neil Lisst said...

Once again, The Daily Show is more NEWS than News.

While mainstream TV media covered this event and the background of the scripting, they did not land the knock out punch. They sat there in the press conference and let Scott McClellan say "are you saying these weren't the soldiers on words?"

What happened to YES, YOU LYING BASTARD!

7:45 AM  
Blogger John said...

I thought the whole "White House" theme (and expecially the "bring back Osama" bit) was one of the funniest things I've seen... Until I saw Cobert so blatently making fun of O'Reilly a half hour later.

12:07 PM  
Anonymous Borgnine said...

As a West Wing fan... I thought it was a delicious analogy.

12:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was perfection....the only thing he left out was the comparison to the show where the FBI searches for missing persons (Without a Trace)....he could have used Barbara and Jen for that. I myself am very concerned for them; no one has seen the party girls all summer, and I think Karl Rove has them locked in the White House basement. I don't recall them handing out blankets and water down in New Orleans, do you? Where are they?

9:51 AM  

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