Saturday, October 01, 2005

Bush Spins Self-Sufficiency of Iraqi Troops

"At this moment, more than a dozen Iraqi battalions have completed training and are conducting anti-terrorist operations in Ramadi and Fallujah. More than 20 battalions are operating in Baghdad. And some have taken the lead in operations in major sectors of the city. In total, more than 100 battalions are operating throughout Iraq."

Our commanders report that the Iraqi forces are operating with increasing effectiveness. ... The growing size and increasing capability of the Iraqi security forces are helping our coalition address a challenge we have faced since the beginning of the war.

As members of Congress speak with Generals (John) Abizaid and (George) Casey, I'm confident they'll see what I see ..."

-- President Bush, in Rose Garden address, Sept. 28

"The number of Iraqi battalions capable of combat without U.S. support has dropped from three to one, Gen. George Casey, the top American commander in Iraq told Congress Thursday.

Despite the drop, Casey hailed significant progress in training Iraqi security forces and noted that U.S. troops are embedded with more Iraqi units in mentoring roles than before.

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) questioned why the generals are discussing troop withdrawals when it's clear Iraqi security forces aren't ready.

'You're taking a very big gamble here. I hope you're correct. I don't see the indicators yet that we are ready to plan or begin troop withdrawals given the overall security situation. And that just isn't my opinion alone,' he said."

-- Associated Press, Sept. 29


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This administration has been spinning this war since the day it started this war under false pretenses.
There are not presently, nor have their been in the past, any significant unretractable gains by the U.S. military. This includes in the training of Iraq troops.

Not even the Democrats will speak up to expose this war for what it is - a massive blunder, folly, waste of human lives and taxpayer dollars and OPPOSED BY THE MAJORITY OF AMERICANS.
I noticed the latest polls conniving to be more Bush-friendly on Iraq. They have adapted the if you don't like the responses, simply change the questions policy.
Now instead of asking people if they support or oppose the war, some pollsters are alternatively asking, "do you consider yourself to be part of the anti-war movement."
Because many people will say they oppose the war, yet will not go so far as to consider themselves part of a "radical" movement to end it, they will respond "no" to the former question.
A nice way to manipulate and distort public opinion.

5:52 PM  
Blogger Brad said...

These contradictory statements from Bush and Casey, along with practically everything else the administration states about Iraq, has led me to believe quite strongly that they are all completely delusional and need to be sacked from their positions for the good of everyone.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous LynnTheDem said...

Iraqi battalions DROPPED from THREE down to ONE.

Sit on that and spin, bush, you lying MFing idiot.

9:48 PM  
Anonymous tocqueville said...

it's very simple, troops must be loyal to a nation Iraqui troops are in reality loyal to their ethnic background and their tribe...

Which means (since they are mostly Kurd and Shiite) that the Sunnis are taking the heat from the only combat ready division. The rest is unarmed because it would be too dangerous to arm them (the US military isn't that stupid).

The real Iraqui Army are the Pehsmergas and the Mehdi/Sadr Army. Who they will fight in the future depends on local coalitions to seize power. Not necessarily the ones the US want to fight.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous papau said...

ONE Iraqi battalion(500 toops) can function on its own -49500 folks who can not function as an Army without US Troops protecting them are getting paid as "Iraqi security forces"

At least they have lowered the level of BullShit on Iraq from Cheney's (and our media's since they did not challenge Cheney) pre 04 election claim of nearly 200,000 trained folks in the "Iraqi security forces" (they did admit training for a "security guard" was one day or less!).

God I love our media.

9:50 PM  
Anonymous aquart said...

Bush lies.

9:51 PM  

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