Saturday, September 03, 2005

NY Daily News Doesn't Pull Punches On Administration Response to Katrina

Under the front-page headline "Shame of A Nation," the New York Daily News wrote a strongly worded editorial in its Sept. 2 edition.

In part, that editorial reads:

"Sadly -- maddeningly, and indeed infuriatingly -- help arrived not soon enough to spare the wretched souls of New Orleans from miseries and horrors they were forced to endure for entirely too long. President Bush himself snapped that the federal government's disaster --response performance had been 'not acceptable.'

But yesterday, visiting the stricken Gulf Coast before signing off on more than $10 billion in preliminary aid, he made a point of publicly thanking Homeland Security chief Michael Chertoff and Federal Emergency Management Agency boss Michael Brown for their tireless work. What tireless work? The weasel Brown said the anticipated high death toll is "going to be attributable a lot to people who did not heed the advance warnings" and get out. Such compassion. Such stupidity. Many of them had no means of escape. And so they stayed behind, trapped in a doomed city as the lights went out and the poisoned waters rose. As for Chertoff, if this is the best his department can do, the homeland is not very secure at all.

It is absolutely outrageous that the United States of America could not send help to tens of thousands of forlorn, frightened, sick and hungry human beings at least 24 hours before it did, arguably longer than that. Who is specifically at fault for what is nothing less than a national scandal will be a matter for the postmortems.

It will never be known exactly what a day could have meant to so many unfortunates whose lives came to an end in those hopelessly tortured hours -- on scorching roadsides, for lack of a swallow of water; in sweltering hospital beds, for lack of insulin. But what is already more than clear is that the nation's disaster-preparedness mechanisms do not appear to be in the hands of officials who know how to run them."


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Blogger Mary said...

My biggest question is. Where was the Federal Government, HomeLand Sur., and FEMMA before Katrinia hit us? Why were they not there providing a way out for those that had none? There is no excuse for this, and it just sickens me each day that more and more of my fellow Americans are dieing due to incompentense. If anyone can answer this question please do. I live here in Louisiana, I was born here, and I don't think I can stand to see one person die so needlessly.


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