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No Shortage Of Republicans Criticizing Katrina Response

Is the much-noted "blistering criticism" of the Hurricane Katrina relief effort coming solely from the left?

Hardly. That's just empty conservative spin.

A sampling of what major Republicans are saying shows that if there's one thing Democrats and Republicans agree on, it's that the Bush Administration's response to Hurricane Katrina was inadequate.

Consider these quotes from around the country:

-- Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) said the federal response suggested flaws in the nation’s preparedness for another terrorist assault. “This damage could just as easily have been caused by a terrorist attack, and many if not most of the same elements are involved in responding to natural disasters,” Kyl said.

“There has to be a plan in place — along with adequate resources — to be able to evacuate people, or at least provide relief supplies before panic sets in. None of this appears to have been done in Louisiana.”

-- House Majority Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) said he agreed with President Bush's remark Friday that the response had been "unacceptable."

"Hard lessons have been learned, tragic lessons have been learned," Blunt said. "We have to respond more quickly; we have to respond in the right ways and be sure our priorities are right."

-- Tom DeLay (R-TX), the House majority leader, said that poor leadership and poor communications between local and federal officials was hindering the relief effort. "No one knows who's in charge," he said.

-- Rep. David Vitter (R-LA), said the federal government had been “completely ineffective“ in its rescue and relief efforts. “I think everybody involved has been a day or a half a day late,” he said.

-- Rep. Michael Burgess (R-TX), where thousands of evacuees from New Orleans are ending up, points to bureaucracy he says hampered a more effective response. "Trying to get assets and food and supplies to where they are needed has been too laborious, it has taken too many steps, and we need to eliminate those barriers now and get those assets where they are needed," he said.

-- Rep. Mark Foley (R-FL) urged a top-to-bottom review of FEMA operations, saying the agency is stuck in what he calls a top-heavy bureaucracy. He will introduce legislation to remove FEMA from the homeland security department.

-- "No one can be happy with the kind of response which we've seen in New Orleans, and whether that's law enforcement or whether it's a provision of resources to help those in need, it has been an undermanaged setting," said Gov. Mitt Romney (R-MA).

-- Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said the pace of the federal disaster response puts into question Homeland Security and Northern Command planning over the last four years. He rhetorically asks why the government believes it's prepared for a nuclear or biological attack when it can't respond to an event that was predicted days in advance.


Anonymous canuckistanian said...

Wow. Quite a list. I'm especially surprised at Mr. Newt's response.

Are the daggers out?

6:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:06 AM  
Anonymous leveymg said...

The GOP should be seriously concerned that this breaks their hold
on power. Look at what gas lines, stagflation and the Iran Hostage "Crisis" did to Jimmy Carter and the Dems in the 1980 and '82 elections.

The Repugs may not know squat about how to deal with real emergencies, but they do understand their politics.

There's going to be a move to try to convince Bush to resign for the good of the Party.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous OneTwentyoNine said...

I agree,Kansas is full of Republicans,their outraged at this disaster...

Being self-employed and in different homes all the time I've talked to many people about this. I've yet to have one saying that Bush did all he could in a timely manner.

They've seen the horror on TV and the people wanting to know where Bush and the Feds are. You can fool some of the people some of the time.....

9:30 AM  
Blogger Vulture 6 said...

It's all Bushes fault, why he prevented the mayor of N.O. from using these busses from getting people out. I count 312 busses, each seat 48 people. That could have been 14,975 more folks that got out when the order was given to go.

If the Mayor had let the police be police, they could have prevented a lot of the lawlessness, but instead he ANNOUNCED that the police were not going to stop the looters. Yep, this is ALL the fault of Bush, the mayor has noooo part in it at all...

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Keith Eubanks said...

Really, David. Maybe you should tune in to CNN. Better yet, follow virtually ANY of the threads on Daily Kos. Then get back to me. You have my web address.

Here's the difference. Conservatives are looking at typical patterns of worst case senario responses, and trying to find where the system failed.

Daily Kos and its readers are busy trying to find ways to use this tragedy against Bush.

I wonder if you will let yourself see the difference.

1:25 PM  
Blogger prying1 said...

from the original post - Sen. John Kyl (R-AZ) said the federal response suggested flaws in the nation’s preparedness for another terrorist assault. “This damage could just as easily have been caused by a terrorist attack, and many if not most of the same elements are involved in responding to natural disasters,” - end quote -

I'd like to know what type of weapon the terrorists would use and I also wonder why they did not do it instead of 9-11...

How about a post on the bravery of the chopper pilots flying rescue misions - This "Hate Bush" diatribe is really getting old.

2:03 PM  
Anonymous rob of wilmington, del. said...

Why is it "hate Bush" to point out the truth? Should we live in a fantasy world where everythnig Bush does is great, and all criticisms -- including from the GOP -- should be ignored and-or quickly forgotten?

Which America do you live in?

2:46 PM  
Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

No one is saying this is all Bush's fault. What people are saying -- real, live Republicans! -- is that the federal response was lacking.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


One of my coworkers made an interesting comparison between Congress' response to Terry Schiavo and their response to Katrina. He could'nt understand why President Bush and Congress' response to this tragedy has been so slow but they moved with lightning speed and took unprecedentated steps to save one life but appear to ignore the lives of so many in New Orleans. Democrats should make sure the media notes that Bush and Congress convened a late night session because they claimed they believed in the sanctity of life. Perhaps if the victims presented on television were of a different color, President Bush's would recognize that lives are at stake in this tragedy also.

2:49 PM  
Blogger don dzikowski said...

Some above appear to be forgetting what is important here.
Our own federal government appears to have sat on its hands for more than a day after the hurricane struck, after having knowledge of a pending disaster for two days beforehand. This inactivity resulted in extra deaths and suffering of our fellow citizens. The powers of the richest country in the world have acted at a level of a government of a third-world nation, folks.
Our country's worldview has been perhaps irrepairably trashed when it comes to setting an example for human caring and value.
Our government has failed in its basic function of protecting citizens against a national disaster whether by Mother Nature or fanatical terrorists.
If we cannot hold our government and our leader accountable for this outrageous, completely unacceptable behavior without hearing a bunch of lay-off-Bush spittle, then our demoncratic, free country is really in deep deep deep trouble.
All these people apologizing for the Bush Administration for this show of incompetence should ask themselves this question: what if it were my relative in New Orleans sitting on a rooftop in the sweltering heat with no food or water for three days waiting for help?

9:39 PM  
Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

Here's another Republican criticizing Bush:

Sep 4, 2005 9:06 pm US/Eastern
(1010 WINS) (NEW YORK)

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Sunday that the federal government's handling of Hurricane Katrina has been "inadequate," and said more aid, including police officers and firefighters, was en route to Louisiana.

The Republican mayor, who usually treads carefully when it comes to commenting on the Bush administration, told reporters that the president himself was aware of the government's failings.

"It would appear, and I think the president acknowledged, that the federal government's response has been inadequate," Bloomberg told reporters at City Hall.

12:38 AM  

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