Thursday, September 08, 2005

And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Americans who visited FEMA's website in search of relief organizations last week found the group "Operation Blessing" listed right below the American Red Cross.

Operation Blessing is the "aid" group run by televangelist Pat Robertson. As one might guess, the group's reputation is as respectable as its figurehead.

"Back in 1994," the New York Sun reports, "during the infamous Rwandan genocide, Robertson used his 700 Club's daily cable operation to appeal to the American public for donations to fly humanitarian supplies into Zaire to save the Rwandan refugees."

Relief supplies weren't the only thing the Operation Blessing planes were ferrying.

"An investigation conducted by the Virginia attorney general's office concluded in 1999 that the planes were mostly used to transport mining equipment for a diamond operation run by a for-profit company called African Development Corp," the newspaper reported.

-- Center for American Progress, Sept. 7

The "good news": Operation Blessing was removed from FEMA's website late last week.


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I love Bush too! Thanks for the support!

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