Tuesday, August 16, 2005

In Covering Cindy Sheehan, Daily Show Shows Lunacy And Hypocrisy Among Conservative Pundits

It's easy to see why some conservatives -- mostly pundits and their cohorts in the blogosphere -- has been fuming over Cindy Sheehan's vigil just beyond the "Western White House" in Crawford, Texas.

Forget that Sheehan is a mother grieving the loss of her 24-year-old son, Casey, who was killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq. Forget that she is exercising her first amendment rights.

The conservative punditry doesn't want Americans thinking about dead soldiers or grieving mothers. Instead, they want Americans thinking about guilt by association. Michael Moore has taken up Sheehan's cause, and to conservative pundits, Moore is evil incarnate. And Moveon.org has backed Sheehan. Yikes. That may be even worse. Conservatives look at all the anti-war protesters who have shown up and helped keep Sheehan's name in the news, then joke about Bush's farmer neighbor who fired shots in the direction of "Camp Casey." The conservative punditry look at Sheehan holding up a sign as the president's motorcade drives by, and remind viewers that even Sheehan's husband has deserted her.


The right-wing attack dogs have made the rounds since Sheehan began her protest, working most of the shows on Fox News Channel, and its Fox-lite competitor, MSNBC.

And thank goodness for Comedy Central's The Daily Show With Jon Stewart, which perhaps better than any news outlet amplifies the lunacy of the conservative punditry. If it can show hypocrisy, all the better.

Here's an unofficial transcript from the Aug. 15 show:

STEWART: The Cindy Sheehan saga has many on the right fuming over her decision to go so public with her anguish.

MICHELLE MALKIN (on MSNBC's Hardball): I do think she has turned her private personal pain into a public circus.

MELANIE MORGAN (on Fox News): She is also a person who has had a political agenda for a lot longer than her son has been dead.

FRED BARNES (on Fox News): She's a crackpot.

STEWART: Yeah, she's a crackpot. I mean, who in their right mind raises an altar boy, eagle scout, honor student marine? What kind of parent was this woman? (Makes cuckoo sound.)

But this is hardly the first time a private family nightmare has become a national political flashpoint. Only a few months ago, the Terri Schiavo case unfolded with a similar narrative. And to his credit, Fred Barnes was just as blunt in his criticism of that grieving family.

BARNES (3/22/05, on Fox News): The parents, uh, of Terri Schiavo rather, I think have a strong moral case.

STEWART: Oh, why I guess theirs was a tragic circumstance you could really get behind.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cindy Sheehan has brought to the limelight a very important issue: The ongoing lack of any discernable progress in Iraq.
She is a well-needed voice for all of us who have recognized this nonsense has been going on for two years right before our very eyes, while the MSM has always looked the other way.
It is criminal that these pundits
refuse to a Sheehan to address these very substantial grievances. They would just assume allow Bush go on forever with his Vietnam-fashioned charade at the expense of thousands of additional lives.
The U.S. soldiers and Iraq citizens are truely cannon fodder for the Bush agenda, which now largely involves saving face.
And for this, many many more people will die.
The Bush Team has been able to placate the masses by using various U.S. ramrodded developments: the taking of Falluah, the holding of the election, the drafting of the constitution, etc. to promise an esculation of violence just before "turning a corner. Stay the course."
Thanks partially to awareness raised by Sheehan, Bush now lacks credibility to recycle these phrases yet another time.
The reality is the U.S. is now winning. Insurgent attacks on American forces have grown to some 500 a week. Most every soldier in Iraq has echoed the claim: for every insurgent you take down, ten more are created.
Even the Bush team was reported over the weekend to have dramatically lowered its expectations for Iraq. They have also acknowledged that the new Iraq government has formed a military pact with Iran -- the last thing the Bush Administration had wanted.
What's really troubling when we recall all those earlier silenced by the Bush Administration and the MSM who had warned of the difficulties we faced in trying to invade and occupy Iraq, and who had questioned Bush's motives for the war.
And then we remember how John Kerry was attacked by the Bush Administration and the MSM for even DARING to suggest that things weren't going well in Iraq.
It's beyond time for the MSM to allow a proper airing of these voices.
Sheehan was not as the pundits would like us to believe a story created by a bored media during a slow news period. She represents the truth behind why thousands of U.S. soldiers are being slaughtered, a truth the pundits would choose to have us ignore.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I am always amazed at the thinking of wingnuts.So what if she kissed bush, that has nothing to do with the reason he lied to send us to war..You can like the guy, but want answers for his actions...I used to believe bush too when he said we need to kill iraqs because they had WWMD ,nevermind that we have them.china, pakastan, israel etc..I guess only the countries bush says can have them, but I believed him too just like cindy did ,after all, we never had a president that deliberty lied to send us into a war and kill all brown people..I wont believe him again ..This is not about cindy, she wants answers and all americans do too..I didnt raise my children so bush could kill them unnecessaryly.I didnt go thru all I did so iraqs could vote, or pay taxes so bush could give to india so they could get nuclear weapons. or halliburtion could steal billions....Congress and our media are not asking him why he fixed the facts (Downey memo), so cindy has to ask him..Cindy has given her sons life, her marriage , ,walked in a ditch with fire ants ,to bush..He cant give 15 mins.Is this how he respects her sons sacrifice? One other thing...WHO MADE BUSH GOD, IT WASNT ME, WAS IT YOU..WHO DID THAT? I will keep searching ,because evidently someone did..

7:46 AM  
Blogger Bob Sakowski said...

Saw an excellent bumper sticker:


10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Failed at every job you've ever been given? Then follow in the same footsteps of our great leader, George W. He's completely failed at leading the country, waging a war on “terror”,
balancing the budget, reducing gas prices, home prices, government spending, civil liberties,
even a Texas baseball team!
Remember those trite slogans: “Wanted Dead or Alive”, “Mission Accomplished”, “Bring It On”? Complete failures, all of them.
There's hope for every person in a drug rehab that the Republican party will give them a chance to screw up the society as much as Bush has. You just have to promise to do everything Karl Rove tells you. And remember, repeat all his moronic slogans as you would chant a mantra, continuously until the public swallows it.
Soon, you can invade any country, rob any group of citizens of their civil rights, overturn established laws, thumb your nose at the entire civilized world and call anyone who doesn’t blindly follow you, a “dirty, scum Liberal”.

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good point. Any person who voted for Bush has blood on his or her hands. The question is will they be human enough to wash their hands? This is the same guilt German citizens had to face.

2:40 AM  
Blogger Snoop said...

Any person who voted for Bush has blood on his or her hands.

Yup tried to wash off the blood with Tide, but it would not come out. Hell, it is all over my clothes, shoes, all up in my bald head, man it was gross!
Maybe the Virgin Cindy can cleanse my soul.


11:34 AM  
Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

That's a little outrageous.

I don't support the Bush Administration, but you can't blame individual voters for what's happening in Iraq, just like you can't credit individual voters for ... (fill in something you think Bush has done right ...)

5:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the liberal cause is really dying when someone considers a bumper sticker like that excellent. it is absurd. and wrong. i have seen some idiotic, irrational posts on this blog before, from both the left and right, but this one takes the cake. and the fact that others jumped in to agree. ugh.

Although i have been a contributor here from the beginning, crap like this makes me wonder why the hits keep coming.

7:28 PM  
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