Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

"Newsweek managing editor Jon Meacham discussed the Rove leak case on the Imus program. Indeed, Meacham discussed the topic for an excruciating fifteen minutes (and twenty seconds), giving one of the most uninformed presentations we’ve ever seen, on any topic. What would you say if we told you that Meacham didn’t know when Wilson made his trip to Niger — that he thought Wilson had gone to Niger after Bush said his “16 words” in the 2003 State of the Union? Since Wilson’s trip occurred in February 2002 — a full year before Bush made his speech —you’d probably think that we were kidding. But no!

As the wandering, formless segment dragged on, it became abundantly clear; Meacham thought that Wilson’s trip was commissioned post-war, in 2003, as the lack of WMD in Iraq began to emerge as a major issue. (As we’ll see, Meacham even scorned the CIA for failing to send Wilson at an earlier date, “before we had begun a war based partly on this.”)

Anywhere else, such posers get fired—but that doesn’t happen in our press corps. In our press corps, people like Meacham go on TV to speak with hosts who are even more clueless than they are — to spend fifteen minutes (and twenty seconds) jumbling all the facts of the case. "

-- The Daily Howler, July 19


Blogger Michael said...

I'm glad you are staying on the Plame outing story. Anyone else think it's a little suspicious that Bush suddenly changed his previously announced timescale on announcing a court nominee so that the press is now looking the other way just when the heat was on Rove?

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Michael McClure said...

The I-Man only has about three listeners anyway. It's amazing that leather-skinned, cokehead is even still breathing let alone interviewing Liberal media know-nothings on a national radio show. The fact that this "uninformed" discussion came from the managing editor of same publication that's directly responsible for the slaughter of innocents thanks to its Koran in the toilet story, also shouldn't surprise anyone. WAKE UP! THE REVOLUTION IS OVER! ONLY GOD CAN SAVE AMERICA!

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how much misinformation a person can stick in a one-paragraph comment.

Michael, Gen. Richard Myers made it clear that the Newsweek article had nothing to do with the violence and deaths in Afghanistan.

Here's what Myers said on May 12:

Here's what Gen. Richard B. Myers, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said on May 12:

MYERS: It's the -- it's a judgment of our commander in Afghanistan, General Eikenberry, that in fact the violence that we saw in Jalalabad was not necessarily the result of the allegations about disrespect for the Koran -- and I'll get to that in just a minute -- but more tied up in the political process and the reconciliation process that President Karzai and his Cabinet is conducting in Afghanistan. So that's -- that was his judgment today in an after- action of that violence. He didn't -- he thought it was not at all tied to the article in the magazine.

You can read more about this from JABBS, at

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Although Michael, Meacham may work for Newsweek, but it's farcical to call him a liberal. Have you ever heard him talk on religious issues? Have you heard him on Hardball praising the Bush-Cheney team after debates, and Bush after State of the Union addresses?

Even if you think Newsweek is liberal, that doesn't mean, by default, that all writers or editors at Newsweek are liberal. And Meacham, from his own statements, is clearly not liberal.

As for Imus' audience? His radio audience is nationwide, and several million strong. His MSNBC audience is small -- maybe 250,000. But overall, it's not inconsequential if Meacham delivered misinformation to Imus' audience.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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