Friday, July 22, 2005

Testimony from Rove, Libby and Reporters Apparently Contradictory

Top White House aides Karl Rove and Lewis Libby apparently testified to a special prosecutor that they each learned of CIA Operative Valerie Plame's name from reporters -- which apparently contradicts infromation provided by the reporters.

Bloomberg Business News, relying on sources familiar with the testimony, reported today that Libby, who is Vice President Dick Cheney’s chief of staff, told special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald that he first learned Plame's identity from NBC News reporter Tim Russert.

But Russert apparently has testified before a federal grand jury that he didn’t tell Libby of Plame’s identity.


Meanwhile, White House Deputy Chief of Staff Karl Rove apparently told Fitzgerald that he first learned the identity of the CIA agent from syndicated columnist Robert Novak.

Novak, who was first to report Plame’s name and connection to Wilson, has apparently said the opposite. In 2003, Novak said: "I didn't dig it out, it was given to me. They thought it was significant, they gave me the name and I used it."

There are also contradictions between accounts given by Rove and Time magazine reporter Matthew Cooper. The White House aide mentioned Wilson’s wife — though not by name — in a July 11, 2003, conversation with Cooper, the reporter has said. Rove apparently testified that Cooper called him to talk about welfare reform and the Wilson connection was mentioned later, in passing.

Cooper wrote in Time magazine last week that he told the grand jury he never discussed welfare reform with Rove in that call.


The "he said/he said" has to be sorted out by Fitzgerald, part of a broader effort to determine whether Libby, Rove or other administration officials made false statements during the course of the investigation.

The Plame case has its genesis in whether any administration officials violated a 1982 law making it illegal to knowingly reveal the name of a covert intelligence agent.

The CIA requested the inquiry after Novak reported in a July 14, 2003, column that Plame recommended her husband for a 2002 mission to check into reports Iraq tried to buy uranium from Niger. Wilson, in a July 6, 2003, article in the New York Times, had said President Bush’s administration “twisted” some of the intelligence on Iraq’s weapons to justify the war.

Fitzgerald’s term of service lasts until October, which is also the length of time remaining for the grand jury hearing evidence in the case.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, why does Tim Russert hate our freedom so?

Did these guys get their defense strategy from watching The Simpsons? "I didn't do it, nobody saw me do it, you can't prove I did it!"

1:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am going out on a limb and predicting the future: when Fitzgerald releases his report in the near future, it will be bigger news than Watergate.
It will be a day to go down in the annals of history.
Based on the latest evidences, Rove at the very least will get busted for obstruction of justice and lying before a Grand Jury. Goodbye Rove.
Libby will also likely face charges.
Bush's approval ratings will drop down to the 30s. If he isn't ringed into an Impeachment hearing, he will become the lamest of lame duck presidents, especially after Fitzgerald's report results in the end of Republican control of Congress following the mid-term elections next year.
Furthermore, Fitzgerald's report will prod people to finally start asking questions that should have been asked long ago: how did Bush mislead the media, congress and the masses into this ruinous war in Iraq anyway? People will finally start to connect the dots from all the underreported evidences, i.e. National Security Council, Downing Street memos, statements of O'Neill, Clarke, Woodward etc.
Later, Bush's conservative judges will probably let Rove and Libby off. By then, the damage will have already been done.

3:18 PM  
Blogger Tracey said...

Well, we can always dream... :)

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gosh, Anonymous - you just gave me a warm fuzzy. Ahhhh......

5:40 PM  
Anonymous alias: "cutiepie" johnson said...

Congrats, JABBS, I saw that Huffington Post linked to this article. Wow! Big Time!!!

11:43 PM  

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