Saturday, July 16, 2005

AP: Empty Bush Address Is Breaking News

They must have the B-staff on duty today at the Associated Press.

Check out this empty Bush statement the AP offered today as "breaking news."

Bush Drops Hints on Supreme Court Choice

WASHINGTON - President Bush gave the nation several clues Saturday about the person he will nominate for a seat on the Supreme Court, except for the most important one -- a name.

In his weekly radio address, Bush said his eventual nominee will be a "fair-minded individual who represents the mainstream of American law and American values."

His candidate also "will meet the highest standards of intellect, character and ability and will pledge to faithfully interpret the Constitution and laws of our country," the president said.

"Our nation deserves, and I will select, a Supreme Court justice that Americans can be proud of," he said, without revealing the name that many are anxious to hear.

Bush also discussed his recent meeting with Senate leaders of both parties to discuss the nomination and confirmation process for a replacement for Sandra Day O'Connor. The first woman to serve on the high court, O'Connor announced July 1 that she is stepping down after 24 years.


So, Bush is going to try to avoid picking an unfair, stupid candidate who won't faithfully interpret the Constittution, and which Americans can't be proud of.

Phew. I'm glad we got that settled.


Blogger AWG said...

Great site, David. As a journalist deep in "Bush Country" (that was actually on a sign outside a gas station here in our area) I totally agree with you. It sucks. At least Rove/Plame/memo-gate is getting some attention. Now, if we could keep the momentum going ...

6:38 PM  
Blogger AWG said...

p.s. My blog photo was taken in Feb 2004 when Bush flew into Alexandria Int'l Airport here in central Louisiana. I was covering it for The Town Talk. You wanna know who he greeted before anyone else? The local Pentecostal preacher! Not the mayor, or members of the council. A preacher!

6:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww, come on give the Bushies some credit. A news story that makes a Seinfeld episode appear to be about profound philosophical meanings of life by comparison has managed to divert attention away from the Rove/Plame-gate scandal for a few seconds.

10:31 AM  

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