Sunday, June 19, 2005

"Phony Liberal" Matthews Too Busy Playing Washington Insider And Gushing Over Republicans To Find "Voices Of The Working Person"

Conservatives take a look at Chris Matthews' resume and shout that he's a "liberal." JABBS readers know better, paying attention to the seemingly endless examples pouring out of Matthews' mouth.

During a June 10 interview with Bill Moyers, Matthews asked: "Where are the strong, articulate voices of the working person, the working family out there? (W)here are those voices on Sunday?"

Unfortunately, when Moyers talked about the need to hear more from "wonderful people at the grassroots level," Matthews, the phony liberal, quipped:

MATTHEWS: Well, they should get elected to Congress. Then we will put them on.


Matthews asked a question -- he later identified the people he was talking about as being on the political "left" or "center-left" -- but he wasn't interested in the answer. He never has been. His egotistical need to show off his "Washington Insider" status prevents him from caring about issues affecting working families and grassroot causes.

With his syndicated Chris Matthews Show, and his weekday Hardball, on MSBNC, Matthews has more than enough opportunities to find "voices of the working person" or "people at the grassroots level."

But check out the lineup for today's Chris Matthews Show: Katty Kay of the BBC; David Gregory of NBC News; Michele Norris of NPR; and, Howard Fineman of Newsweek.

Who represents "voices of the working person," or "people at the grassroots level"?

Those four are part of a larger group that Matthews rotates on his Sunday show. Pick the "grassroots" voice among them: Paul Gigot of the Wall Street Journal; Campbell Brown of NBC News; Gloria Borger of CBS News and US News & World Report; Sam Donaldson of ABC News; Norah O'Donnell of NBC News; Clarence Page of the Chicago Tribune; Andrew Sullivan of The New Republic and Time Magazine; Joe Klein of Time Magazine; and, Tucker Carlson of MSNBC and PBS.

The problem isn't a lack of "voices of the working person" or "people at the grassroots level" in the real world. The problem is that Matthews isn't interested in finding those people, lest it make a dent in his "Washington Insider" status.

What a phony liberal.


What topics does Matthews decide to talk about this Sunday? Pick the topic that would be a natural for "voices of the working person" or "people at the grassroots level." And while you're at it, count how many topics sound like they are coming out of the mouth of a phony liberal.

-- Is the middle making a comeback? Are Americans sick and tired of right and left?

-- More Americans say Iraq was a mistake. Will the pressure force Bush to bring the troops home early?

-- Are Howard Dean's insults doing his party good?

-- Thought Kerry was smarter than Bush? Guess again!

-- Chris's thoughts on Australian heroes in Hollywood.


Matthews has been on a kick lately talking about the "middle," but again Matthews is being a phony. When he talks about the whether people want to see a resurgence of the "middle," Matthews inserts his own ready-made answer: a chance to gush over two of his favorite Republican politicians: Sen. John McCain of Arizona and former New York Mayor Rudy Guiliani.

Sure, conservatives say Matthews is a liberal. But what liberal would go out of his way to gush over McCain, Guiliani, and California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, while in the same breath bash Democrats like Sens. Hillary Clinton of New York and John Kerry of Massachusetts, and DNC Party leader Howard Dean?

Conservatives take a look at Matthews resume and say he's a liberal, but what liberal would say of the Democrats: "They're still a party of raising money and pressure groups and the same old crap." But Matthews said just that on the June 16 edition of Hardball, while praising Schwarzenegger.

Matthews is the kind of liberal that conservatives like. When Matthews speaks kindly toward conservatives, the right-wing of the blogosphere and the folks at Fox News Channel say, "See, even a liberal agrees." And on the rare occasions that Matthews speaks kindly of a liberal, the same right-wing says, "Of course, because Matthews is a liberal."

For conservatives, it's a win-win. For real liberals and Democrats, it's a lose-lose.

Consider this June 7 appearance by Matthews on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

MATTHEWS: McCain is a moderate. ...They don`t want any more left or right. They want down the middle. They want people who are independent of their parties. McCain fits the bill. And the press loves McCain. You can see that every time he comes on. ... And a lot of people, especially in the press — who did not [pay their price in Vietnam] — feel a lot of responsibility toward this guy. He is a very popular guy in D.C. And I think he or Rudy Giuliani — don`t underestimate Giuliani. ... He is the best speaker in the country. ... And they can`t even spell his name in the South. But they call him — somebody said they're going to call him Rudy. That will be enough. ... “I'm for Rudy.”


McCain and Giuliani have each been guests several times on Hardball, and if Matthews' dream ticket comes to fruition, no doubt you'll see them on plenty more times. (Moyers, by the way, made his debut on Hardball on June 10. Don't expect to see him again anytime soon.)

Matthews, by his own admission, will be "responsible" when he interviews McCain and Giuliani, showing his dream ticket the respect it deserves. No need to discuss hypocritical statements or questionable decisions. That's what makes Matthews a phony liberal -- the kind that conservatives like.


Blogger The Misanthrope said...

Excellent point. However, in this extremist world I will take even moderates. Matthews is too much the egoist for me to stomach for long.

11:50 AM  
Blogger The Christian Progressive Liberal said...

Tweety hasn't been a "liberal" since the Carter Administration. His only ode to liberalism is how "liberally" he can spend the money he's being paid by the Corporate MSM.

3:50 PM  
Blogger Jami said...

keep up the great work! they're saying ed klein, the guy who wrote the smear-nasty "truth about hillary" is liberal because he worked at the new york times once. like david brooks, i guess.

here's a decent debunk on that one:

2:13 PM  

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