Monday, April 18, 2005

Is There a Bigger Bush Propagandist Than Elisabeth Bumiller?

Elisabeth Bumiller's "White House Letter" is a joke. Week in and week out, Bumiller pens Bush propaganda in the New York (not Washington) Times.

Her latest puff piece , in this morning's New York (not Washington) Times, discusses the president's love of baseball. And she doesn't even mention how, as an owner of the Texas Rangers, Bush once traded Sammy Sosa to the White Sox. Even that bit of bad press is too much for Bumiller.

Lots of folks complained last year that it was unfair for Bumiller to pen these love notes, while no similar column was devoted to John Kerry. How might the campaign have been altered if readers had greater access to Kerry's personality, on a weekly basis? Maybe not all that much. But under the heading of "fair and balanced," it would have been nice to find out.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very funny parody of Bumiller can be found at:

5:37 PM  
Blogger Deleted said...

Here, I think you'll like this take on Bumiller.

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