Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Conservatives Insist Matthews is a "Liberal." So Why Does He Repeat GOP Slurs? (Part V)

Conservatives look at Chris Matthews' resume and call him a "liberal," ignoring what the television talking head actually says day after day.

JABBS has featured several items on how misleading the conservatives' claim is:

Part I -- Matthews buys into conservative spin by conveniently forgetting facts.
Part II -- Matthews distorts facts to vouch for GOP strength.
Part III -- Matthews re-tells history using conservative spin.
Part IV -- Matthews relies on conservative myths.

And now ...

Part V -- Matthews repeats conservative slurs.

In the April 24 edition of the syndicated Chris Matthews Show, Matthews said this of Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY):

MATTHEWS: But does anyone think that Hillary will have a pro -- you say she'll have a problem reconciling her current move to the center with her past image as sort of a Madame Defarge of the left?

If you don't know the reference, Madame Defarge is a villainous character in Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities, described by bookrags.com as a "cruel, vengeance-seeking agent of the (French) revolution ... (who) spends her days knitting a 'register' of names of people she has marked for death."

Does Hillary Clinton have that image? Perhaps among the fringe right -- the ones who believe she murdered Clinton White House attorney Vince Foster and/or Commerce Secretary Ron Brown.

So what would cause Matthews to link Clinton with that character?

Turns out, Matthews wasn't being all that original. And guess what? Conservative pundits were responsible for the previous times Clinton was referred to as Madame Defarge.

As reported by mediamatters.org:

-- Right-wing pundit and columnist Robert Novak, on the June 29, 2004 edition of CNN's Crossfire, which he co-hosts: "For a while, I thought that Hillary Rodham Clinton was actually trying to be nice. What disappointing behavior that would be for Madame Defarge."

-- Right-wing pundit and MSNBC contributor Pat Buchanan, on the Feb. 4, 2005 edition of the syndicated McLaughlin Group: "(S)he's smart enough to know that the Madame Defarge image has got to go. "

-- Right-wing pundit and MSNBC host Monica Crowley, during a Feb. 13, 2005 interview with conservative website NewsMax.com: "I guess we won't be booking her anytime soon. Maybe she doesn't like being called Madame DeFarge on this program."

It makes me wonder whether Matthews was just repeating what he heard around the MSNBC water-cooler when he used his "Madame Defarge" line. Sort of a conservative spin version of Six Degrees of Separation, if you ask me.


Blogger asaneMAN said...

H Clinton is portrayed, fairly or not, as M Defarge beacause she has repeatedly been shown to be both vindictive and vengeance seeking.I cite as evidence her behavior towards the travel staff, the secret service and the military. As a witness, I would call Bill himself. So, PLEASE, give your whining a rest and recognize your frontrunner for what she is. We didn't foist her upon you, YOU CHOSE HER.

3:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cite actual evidence. Oh wait, you don't have any.

10:28 AM  

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