Monday, April 18, 2005

Conservatives Insist Matthews is a "Liberal." So Why Does He Rely On Conservative Myths? (Part IV)

Conservative look at Chris Matthews' resume and insist he's a "liberal."

But the rest of us know better.

We've mentioned before how Matthews loves to repeat old conservative myths about former Vice President Al Gore . And Matthews, if nothing else, is consistent.

From the April 17 edition of the syndicated Chris Matthews Show*:

MATTHEWS (4/17/05): Before we go to break, Al Gore may have been the Thomas Edison of the Internet, but George W. Bush is the first president with an iPod. Here now is a sampling of the presidential playlist.

Oh, how clever.

To read the sad history of this conservative myth, check out the JABBS archive .

Unfortunately, there is no answer as to why Matthews refuses to research facts before he opens his mouth. Matthews claims he has to "fact-check every night, because we don‘t have a corrections page" on his shows.

But that's just another myth, as factual as the one that says Gore once said he "invented the Internet."

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