Tuesday, April 19, 2005

... And "Wonkette" Repeats the Gore Myth, Too

Isn't Wonkette, the blog persona of Ana Marie Cox, supposed to be a liberal?

I remember she was the hand-picked "new media" choice of Tom Brokaw during the 2004 election season, representing the left side of the aisle. She's a regular on the pundit circuit, called upon to offer a humorous (read: immature) look at politics, placed opposite a conservative.

So why is Wonkette repeating conservative myths as fact?

From an April 4 post, written by contributor Greg Beato:

BEATO: Al Gore invented the Internet once; now he's doing it again! Only this time, he's inventing the Internet on television. Old news, you say? True enough. In fact, when Gore first announced his cable news network for young 'uns, we think we were still in the demo. Today, however, the new network gets a new name. It's gonna be called Current, which is the boring, clunky way to say Now! (Nice one, Al!) And it's gonna be just like the Internet. User-created content. Super-short content. Stuff about music, videogames...wait a second, we're halfway through the press release, and we haven't seen any mention of porn. Al Gore has re-invented the Internet, on TV, minus the porn? Why?

Oh yes, very witty. About as witty as Washington Post television writer Lisa de Moraes, who offered similar humor (minus the Gore "invented the Internet" reference on April 5.

Maybe de Moraes was "inspired" by the Wonkette post.

(Beato's resume includes being the editor of soundbitten.com, and a regular contributor to Suck and Spin. Does that qualify him as a liberal? I don't know).


A lot of bloggers are inspired by Wonkette. Do a technorati.com search, and you can find lots of conservative bloggers quoting from this particular Wonkette post -- a way to poke fun at Gore, for something he never said. (See the above link for the history of "invented the Internet.")

In other words, Wonkette didn't live up to its "liberal" credentials.


Blogger Deleted said...

I get the feeling at times that a lot of the media professionals' Gore bashing is like Chomsky bashing or denigrating Dennis Kucinich: a high school style rite of passage. It's fairly easy to do and it establishes a kind of mainstream credibility. One needn't be a fan of any of them -- or even a liberal -- to be able to recognize how shabbily they've been treated.

I came by because I appreciate your thoughtful comments at AmSam.

3:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know what really, really is troubling about this entire Gore bashing discussion.
The internet comment fraudulent attribution to Gore is allowed to be repeated in the mainstream media like the New York Times and has entered into the mainstream conscious. But any attempt to address THE TRUTH is relegated to these Internet blogs or non-mainstream "liberal" media sources.
Look at it this way.
If a well-regarded centralist writer were to come out with an essay detailing the history of the malicious and fraudulent attachment of the comment to Gore (as it was done on this blog) by the Right, the author would be lucky to get a few minutes on late night television. Or the writer would appear on Air America radio, which the center does not take seriously anyway.
The lingering attachment of the Internet comment to Gore represents a textbook example of how difficult it is to unravel lying, damaging Rove-style Right spin.

10:11 AM  

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