Wednesday, March 30, 2005

You Can't Make This Stuff Up ...

"[W]e're not to ask any questions about Michael Schiavo. We can put out all the dirt we want about [Terri Schiavo's parents], and we can associate them with the liberal media's most hated people in America. Michael Schiavo? No, no, no, no, no! Off limits!"

-- Rush Limbaugh, March 29 radio show

"Michael Schiavo has become the target of accusations that he caused [Terri Schiavo's] heart attack and collapse with abusive, violent behavior; that he fabricated the story that she wouldn't want to live this way only after collecting more than $1 million in a malpractice claim; that he has sabotaged her therapy and barred her friends and family from comforting visits; and that he wants her to die so he can marry a woman with whom he has lived for the last few years and fathered two children."

-- Los Angeles Times, March 24


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who really cares about this anymore. i cannot believe what is going on here. Let her pass away already. i dont care about her--dont know her. This is one of the stupidest stories to linger in some time. The issues are not all that complicated and are debatable to a degree, but the outcome is not. Courts have ruled--end of story. Enough already. She is already dead anyway.

5:20 PM  

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