Thursday, February 24, 2005

Borger Steals GOP Talking Point In Latest Column

U.S. News & World Report columnist Gloria Borger did a journalistic no-no.

In her latest column, the right-leaning pundit and one-time CNBC host copied a GOP talking point and claimed it as her own.

Writing about the Democrats, the empty-headed writer came up with this:

BORGER: If the party is looking for a new spokesman, there is a better choice — David Spade (with apologies to his Capital One ad): Social Security reform? No. Clear some judges? No way, Jose. Find some agreement on national security? Nyet.


Was Borger being witty? Nyet. But more important, was Borger being original? No.

As pointed out Feb. 23 by -- I won't follow Borger's example and plagiarize -- Borger stole her idea from a video played at the House GOP conference on Feb. 16.

CNN aired a clip from the video that day on Inside Politics.

JUDY WOODRUFF: Republicans are firing back at their Democratic critics, meantime, in a new video spoof. It plays off a popular commercial featuring actor David Spade to portray the Democrats as saying "no" to everything.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE (videotape): Will the Democrats help strengthen Social Security?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: How about pay as you no.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about health care?
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: You think I care? That would be an HM—no.
UNIDENTIFIED MALE: What about working to improve the security of our borders?


So the question is, will Borger be punished for her pilfering?

In all likelihood, the answer is "no."


Blogger Michael said...

I'm dubious on this one, David. I don't think its plagiarism if the original source specifically wants people to repeat and promote the text.

However it clearly is a sign that Borger is a lying shill and should lose any remaining mantle of being a real journalist.

2:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

She put on a similar performance on Washington Week-

Alice Marshall

12:53 PM  

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