Thursday, January 06, 2005

Boxer To Challenge Ohio Election Results

CBS News is reporting this morning that Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) will join several members of the House of Representatives today in challenging Ohio's election results, when Congress meets to confirm President Bush's re-election.

The challenge is based on what Democrats and others have called "widespread irregularities" in the Nov. 2 vote, and subsequent problems with the recount last month. Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell has rejected the claims of irregularities.

The House members needed a senator to join them to officially challenge the results. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, 300 people rallied Monday outside Boxer's San Francisco office, and her staff was given a petition with 3,000 signatures urging her to support the effort. Several hundred people attended a Tuesday night rally at Herbst Theatre, where speakers promised to either thank or shame her based on her decision.

Boxer had not made up her mind as of late Wednesday, David Sandretti, her spokesman, told the Chronicle. But CBS News reported this morning that Boxer plans to join the House members in a formal challenge.

The conventional wisdom is that a challenge won't change the result of the presidential race, because that would require the Republican-controlled House and Senate to dismiss the Ohio results. But it would put the question of voting irregularities on the official record, and Democrats say this may lead to much-needed election reform.


Blogger Michael said...

Good news! Good for Democracy, good for America! Now let's see who joins her.

9:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

waste of money and time. they can focus on problems throught the entire country without having to do this.

12:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hear anthony weiner from ny is one of the few hot on this issue. a moderate dem typically---think he is looking to run for office. nice way to raise profile. politics as usual. and the beat goes on...

12:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bravo for Boxer! The Senate needs more heroes like her who stands up for what is right, and not for what is politically correct or within the mainstream way of thinking.
Jimmy Stewart and Frank Capra Live!
Boxer's stand alone will bring much deserved press attention to the issue. Many miss the entire point of this entire debate over the Ohio vote. Too many are still arguing that it's a non-issue when Ohio breaks the laws governing the election and the recount process, just because they assume the sources raising the questions have a wrongful agenda.
Agenda Smagenda. Whenever either party raises substantiated allegations over voting irregularities as serious as they are in Ohio, it is a concern for everyone in the U.S. A Democracy demands going the extra mile to ensure the sanctity of the vote.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

these irregularities exist in almost every state. i vote in ny and probably could have voted 10 times if i wanted to since the ID procedures were ridiculously lax.

The system needs to be federalized and standardized so that everyone gets similar treatment. Focusing on one state because the vote was close in a prior election (which is what the presidential vote is--over and done with since the margin is so large that it will not change the outcome) is fine but equal weight should be focused on other states with problems even if the vote was not close. if every vote counts, then every vote counts. despite what you want to believe, there is definitely politics behind some of these actions. whatever, let them figure out how to better the system for next time.

That said, it doesnt matter an iota if this remains a state by state, country by county issue. If it does, no election will ever take place without serious irregularities. Tough pill but there it is.

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The above blogger is right in stating election controls must be federalized and not a state-by-state process. But wrong in assuming that other states had similar irregularities as Ohio, but Ohio only got attention because it was the deciding state in a close election.
Bull. There was no other state in the November election with irregularities anywhere near on the level of Ohio (with a possible minor exception of South Florida), including rampart 8-hour voting lines.
Blame the total incompetents -- if not outright crooks -- at the controls of the election in Ohio for causing the problems too extreme and widespread to ignore. No state can even close with such irregularities. Don't you think if other states experienced extremely long voting lines we would have heard about it.
What is really disturbing is no election official in Ohio has provided an explanation. Any election official even remotedly responsible for the problems in Ohio, like the long voting lines, should be held accountable.
Why do taxpayers put up with such gross incompetence?
Why are Ohio election officials under Blackwell covering up and stonewalling at every turn?
There should be nothing less than a federal investigation -- if there hasn't been one launched already.

10:34 AM  

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