Sunday, December 26, 2004

Video Suggests Ohio Voters Not Treated Equally on Election Day. Guess Who Got the Short End of the Stick?

A non-profit grass roots organization, "We Do Not Concede"has released a 25-minute video (available at that alleges voter disenfranchisement in heavily Democrat, heavily African-American Franklin County, Ohio, on election day.

Meanwhile, the same organization has scheduled a bus trip for voters contesting the Ohio electorate. The buses will travel from Columbus, Ohio, to Washington from Jan. 4 to Jan. 6. That will apparently be followed by a rally on Jan. 6 in Washington.

"The video footage provides a first hand glimpse of what transpired in Franklin County on Election Day, only in heavily leaning Democratic precincts, including unexplained voting machine shortages, organized campaigns directing voters to the wrong polling places, malfunctioning voter tabulation equipment, election worker confusion and incompetence, and a host of other problems," according to a press release dated Dec. 22.

"We hope this footage will serve as a wake up call to all Americans that the fundamental principles our country was founded upon like ‘democracy’ and ‘equal rights’ are being systematically dismantled by a small group of Republicans who are concerned with keeping power, not preserving liberty," said Zack Kaldveer, Communications Director, We Do Not Concede. "In America every vote must be accurately counted and equally valued, and that’s not what happened on November 2nd. We the people most definitely do not concede."


Conservatives who claim there is widepread "liberal media bias" have to be scratching their heads over the lack of coverage of alleged voter disenfranchisement in Ohio on election day, the ongoing Ohio recount, and the apparent resistance to that recount led by county workers, allegedly at the direction of Secretary of State (and Bush Ohio Chair) Kenneth Blackwell.

Makes you think that "liberal media bias" is nothing more than a conservative-driven myth.

Certainly, in all the post-election coverage, if there was widespread "liberal media bias," the Ohio stories would get more coverage than Keith Olbermann and a spare story buried deep inside The New York Times or The Washington Post.

There are a lot of unanswered questions in Ohio, and as has been written on JABBS previously (read our two-part "Obstruction in Ohio" series, about halfway down the page at Blackwell, with his obfuscation, has only fueled the anger and concern of those who believe fraud occurred in the Buckeye State on Nov. 2.

Democracy can only survive with a free press, not one following the dance steps provided by Republicans at the state and federal level. Americans will not be happy if six months from now, after a Freedom of Information Act request, a consortium of newspapers determines that John Kerry actually won Ohio ... far too late to do anything.

Yet, that's essentially what happened in 2001, when a newspaper consortium determined that, had all the votes been recounted statewide in Florida under the existing state law, Al Gore would have defeated George W. Bush. Unfortunately, that "scoop" was uncovered several months too late. Democracy wasn't served then. Perhaps it isn't being served now.

If the Ohio election fraud story is bogus, our top investigative reporters should report that. But if there was fraud in Ohio, the clock is ticking. On January 6, the electoral college vote will be certified by the Congress, and after that, all the protests in the world won't change a thing.


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