Monday, November 01, 2004

Last-Second Trashing of Kerry

Someone explain the brains behind this:

A Washington Post sports page item, by Dan Steinberg and Desmond Bieler, reads: John Kerry: Suddenly making sure everyone knows he's always been a huge Red Sox fan. But he may have gone too far by saying that he didn't think homosexuality was a choice, and that anyone who disagreed should ask Derek Jeter.

Gay jokes? In the Washington Post? Referencing Kerry on the eve of the presidential election?

Before anyone says, "It's a joke," here's my response: It's stupid. It's wrong. It's beneath the Washington Post. Same for anyone who thinks sticking a joke in the sports section means it doesn't matter.

I'm sure Steinberg and Bieler thought this was the height of political humor. Make fun of Kerry as a faux Red Sox fan (even though he claims to have been one for decades) and at the same type, slap a gay joke in there. Ha ha.

People have been fired for such things. I can think of a lot of people, funny or otherwise, who would love to work for the Post's sports section.


Meanwhile, has found a flyer -- see it yourself at -- from the fervently pro-Bush Florida Leadership Council.

The flyer is clearly designed to scare South Florida voters. It's nice to know that when all else fails, conservatives resort to fiction.

I'm sure someone will say this is no better or worse than Michael Moore's Farenheit 9/11. That would show a clear misunderstanding of Moore's work. You may not agree with Moore's opinions, but that's a far cry from this Florida crap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wanted to respond. But I'm too angry for words after looking at the ad. I hope most people in Florida are not gullible to fall for such garbage, and instead come out in record numbers to vote for Kerry.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moore is worse. He was trying to mix truth with fiction in the hopes of it being believed as all truth. This idiotic florida thing is despicable as well but noone believes this to be the definite truth unless they are gypsys or something. It is wrong and a scare tactic but nothing more.

my prediction: bush wins popular vote and loses election because florida goes to Kerry because of dead peoples' pre death ballots. all the liberals in the country are, of course, fine with this while the republicans want to overthrow the electoral college. while both sides are fighting it out to the supreme court, which ends up in a tie since rehnquist has laryngitus......meantime, Bill Clinton takes over in a military coup. He fires Ashcroft immediately for not liking sex, hires howard stern as his PR/spokesman. He divorces Hillary since she no longer can be president so she need not remain married to him. With Howard's help, Bill then puts out a video on Al Jazeera of him getting doubleteamed by Suhu Arafat and one of Bin Ladens wives which leads to both terrorist leaders dying of shock and awe (and shame). And all is right again in the world. Amen.

6:43 PM  

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