Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Radio Clown Mark Levin Supports Violence

The "Mark Levin Comedy Hour" was offering full-throttle stupidity this evening.

It amazes me that people actually enjoy listening to this moron with a microphone. Levin is a classic "coward conservative," unwilling or incapable of defending the conservative values he claims to value.

On tonight's show, a 52-year-old caller, who said he serves in the armed forces from 1978 to 1982, took issue with remarks made by Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa), in which Harkin called Vice President Cheney a "coward" -- given that Cheney used five deferments to get out of Vietnam, but is part of an administration that has no problem calling up 68-year-old Alabama doctors to serve in Iraq.

The caller said that Harkin was a coward, and referencing what people in his unit did to settle disputes -- boxing -- suggested that he would gladly take on Harkin in a slugfest.

A rational host would cut Mr. Military off and move on. A true conservative would defend Cheney. But Mark Levin is neither a rational host nor a true conservative.

Levin started by making the unsubstantiated claim that Harkin had been lying about his military record for decades. Then he agreed that Harkin was a coward -- again, offering no rationale for himself or the caller -- and then, making a lame reference to Cheney's heart condition, said he would fight Harkin with "both arteries tied behind my back."

Levin then made reference to Cheney's three heart attacks -- although he failed to mention that those occurred after Cheney used those deferments.

To top it off, Levin reminded callers that liberals consider "BJ Bill Clinton" their hero -- in case you forgot that Clinton avoided Vietnam, too.

This is what passes for valuable conservative talk radio. Levin's work is so insightful that, buoyed by impressive ratings, WABC recently expanded his show from one hour to two. I guess there are a lot of listeners who enjoy this sad excuse for discourse.

Levin and his employers should be ashamed.



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