Friday, August 27, 2004

A Blue Stater Travels Through Red States, Part VI

With our stay in Orlando coming to an end, a few highlights from the last 48 hours in the Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom.

-- A family from Cleveland videotaped me, with the father providing commentary on how my shirt's script "got it." (The shirt read, "Clean air? Clean water? Clean Bush out of the White House.") He predicted that Ohio would vote for Kerry because of all the jobs lost in the Buckeye State under Bush's helm.

-- A woman from Colorado, with kids in tow, stopped me to read yesterday's shirt ("If GOP Spin was Money, Bush Could Balance the Budget.") She told me that she was offended that Bush, in Colorado, said the W stood for Women. When I said that Colorado was going to be an important state this November, she agreed, predicting a close race there.

Afterward, I said to Heather that I thought the race would be nip and tuck because of the heated Senate race between Democrat Ken Salazar and Republican Pete Coors. My take: Salazar will win in a close race, and his popularity will bring additional voters to Kerry. Will it be enough? I don't know. But I bet the presidential race is decided by just 1 or 2 points.

-- A Disney employee, from Pennsylvania but now living in Florida, plans to vote for Kerry. He said this will be the first election in which he's eligible to vote. He liked the GOP spin shirt.

-- Another Disney employee, also from Pennsylvania and also now living in Florida, gave me a big smile when he read the Clean air shirt. He said he was worried about the touch-screen voting machines to be used in November in Florida. I told him that the guy who runs the company that makes the machines is Bush's Ohio campaign chair. He said he couldn't talk politics -- a company rule that several Disney employees broke -- but then repeated what I said to another person in our line.

My non-scientific "shirt poll" suggests that among those who made their views known, a slight majority favored the shirts' messages. Among Disney employees -- and overwhelmingly, these people were under the age of say, 25 -- the reactions were positive at about a 3-1 ratio.

On to Georgia to visit family, and then the shirts will be on display when we hit Tennessee on Monday.



Blogger the rev. said...

I like the site, I like the Tshirt poll idea, though I expect that with the whole family wearing political shirts it must have been a matter of minutes before word got around among the Disney staff.
Keep up the good work.

12:25 AM  

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