Monday, August 23, 2004

A Blue Stater Travels Through Red States, Part IV

Dateline: Disney World, Orlando, Fla.

I wore my strongest anti-Bush/pro-Kerry shirt today: "Bush and Cheney: The half-truth, the whole half-truth, and nothing but the half-truth."

I didn't know what to expect. Would anyone notice? Would anyone say anything? I ran a half-dozen conversations through my head, prepared for any criticism or angry remark.

Heather and little Alexander wore shirts, too, but the messages weren't as directly anti-Bush. Still, the three of us walking about in similar shirts did draw some eye contact. A few negative glances, too. Heather said one man muttered something under his breath, not quite loud enough for her to hear, but clearly directed our way.

As we ate dinner, the hostess came over and said, "Let me read your shirt." I leaned back, and she read the script aloud. "Ah-hah," she said, then walked away. Heather and I weren't sure if she agreed with what she saw or was offended.

At the "Emporium," a gift shop along Main Street USA, a couple in their mid-20s stopped me at the cash register: "I just have to tell you," the guy said, "we've seen you three times today and we just wanted to know we love your shirt." Then his female companion added, "Where did you buy it?"

I said the shirt was home-made, and the woman replied, "Well, that's just great," then smacked the guy on the shoulder, as if to say that they should do the same.

I was happy as a clam as we headed out. As I told Heather as we walked to the monorail, "If five people read our shirts and think about it, that'll make me happy."



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