Thursday, July 29, 2004

Mark Levin Comedy Hour Teases Mrs. Kerry

Poor Mark Levin.

Levin, no doubt bankrupt for ideas to spur on his laughable WABC radio show, turned his attention to Teresa Heinz Kerry. Mrs. Kerry was scheduled to speak last night at the Democratic National Convention, so what better time to throw out a few insults?

Levin says things that he can't possibly believe to be true, but the insatiable appetite of the Rush Limbaugh crowd keeps his ratings up, and WABC turned his "comedy hour" into a two-hour bonanza a few months back.

Yesterday, he scoffed at Mrs. Kerry, who he called a "European socialist" -- surprising, because she's from Mozambique, and was a registered Republican until a couple of years ago. But you know, all those funny accents must sound French to Levin -- if for no other reason than to match the oft-mentioned claim among conservatives that Sen. John Kerry "looks French."

Levin then made fun of Mrs. Kerry's acclaimed track record of a philanthropist, on behalf of the fortunes of the family of her late husband -- Senator John Heinz (R-Pa.). "Give me a billion dollars," Levin shouted, and he'd be an acclaimed philanthropist, too.

Funny stuff. You'd almost think that Levin was jealous.

What's really funny, though, is that Levin's career has been helped along by another rich Pittsburghian -- billionaire conservative loon Richard Mellon Scaife. Levin was the high-profile president of the Scaife-bankrolled Landmark Legal Foundation, which one could argue propelled him to his job at WABC.

Scaife is also the publisher of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, which fought a well-funded war against the Clintons throughout the 1990s, fostering myths that Bill and Hillary were murderers, and that Bill was a rapist and a cocaine user, and so on. When Mrs. Kerry said "shove it," she wasn't talking to a reporter, but to the editorial page editor of the same Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

You do the math. Mrs. Kerry insults someone who works for Scaife, and Levin suddenly shoots insults -- albeit ludicrous ones -- Mrs. Kerry's way.

But for all his flaws, Scaife has a track record for being a philanthropist, too -- when he's not giving money to conservative institutes or funding efforts to dig up dirt about the Clintons. Maybe the best-case scenario is for Levin to give up his high-paying job running his WABC comedy show, and instead help spend Scaife's money for the greater good.



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