Saturday, June 26, 2004

With Cheney's "F-Bomb," Conservatives Show Their Hypocrisy

Just a brief note on Vice President Cheney dropping the "F-Bomb" at Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT).

Amazingly, Cheney told Fox News that he felt better after swearing Tuesday. He had no remorse whatsoever for his immature act, which occurred in a public setting, with other Senators and government officials within earshot. (Hardly surprisingly -- this administration never admits mistakes.)

Even more amazing, the conservative pundits don't have a problem with Cheney's act, or his inability to apologize. A panel with Brit Hume, Fred Barnes and Charles Krauthammer actually seemed to revel in Cheney's actions, saying it showed how "human" he was, and that "everybody" uses language like that.

So much for touting family values.

What's hypocritical, of course, is that the conservative commentary now is 180 degrees off where it has been with former vice president Al Gore. How many times have the conservatives attacked Gore not for what he said, but for the way he said it?

"Screaming ... screeching," Sean Hannity said of Gore last week, while a passive Alan Colmes sat quietly. It's a cause that Hannity has taken up several times. Gore was too loud, Hannity says, failing to acknowledge that Gore's "rant," as he calls it, lasted all of about four minutes in an hour-long address, and was in response to an increasingly boisterous crowd.

Gore raises his voice while making serious points, and the conservatives pounce. Cheney shows a lack of professionalism, spouts a word that responsible politicians don't use in public gatherings, and the conservatives applaud him.

It's sad, really.



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